Thursday, September 23, 2021

Where to find hemp?

Here are all the locations you can find hemp in New World. We have created custom maps showcasing each territory that has hemp you can harvest.

Hemp Maps - click on image to see larger version and legend information.

Windsward hemp node locations map

Everfall hemp node locations map

Cutlass Keys
Cutlass Keys hemp locations map

First Light
First Light hemp node locations map

Monarch's Bluffs
Monarch's Bluffs hemp node locations map

Brightwood hemp node locations map

Weaver's Fen
Weaver's Fen hemp node locations map

Restless Shore
Restless Shore hemp locations map

Mourningdale hemp node locations map

Reekwater hemp node locations map

Ebonscale Reach
Ebonscale Reach hemp locations map

How to get fae iron?

You can get fae iron by mining iron nodes with a pickaxe tool.  The drop chance for fae iron is extremely low and in order to get a higher % chance you will need to get luck. 

Another super secret way to get fae iron is by killing the hortus bears at Ursus Hortus marked as #9 in our Weaver's Fen map.  Instead of skinning, these hortus bears will require you to use a pickaxe on them and they have higher chance of giving you fae iron.

Here is a screenshot of what mining a Hortus Bear provides for materials!

Fae Iron dropped by hortus bears

Luck can be gained from the following:

  • Mining Food
    • Roasted Potatoes
    • Herb-roated Potatoes
    • Boiled Potatoes
    • Poultry with Roated Potatoes
    • Salted Roasted Vegetables
  • Tool Perks
    • Mining Luck - Starmetal Miner's Charm
  • Armor Perks
    • Reinforcement Mining Luck - Shard of Adderstone
    • Adored Mining Luck - Chunk of Cobalt
  • Leveling up the Mining  skill.

Here are maps showing all the iron mining node locations available in the various territories.

iron node spots in new world

Some additional screenshots of fae iron drops!

10x fae iron loot drop

fae iron resouce drop

What is the max level in New World?

New World's max level is currently 60, gathering and trade skills are capped at level 200. For more information on experience points required for each level, see our guide: How much xp needed for leveling?

Will New World Add mounts?

One of the most requested features people ask about is if New World will add mounts.  Currently there is nothing to indicate that mounts will be added to the game.  Things can always change down the line so stay tuned!

Can I try for free?

Question: Can I try new world for free?

Answer: Currently no more betas are scheduled and the game launches on September 28, 2021.  The only way to try New World out will be to use steam and to make sure you do not go over 2 hours playtime. If you do not go over 2 hours, you can then use steams refund policy.

Is it free?

Question:  Is New World MMO Free?

Answer: No, its buy to play! You can purchase the game from amazon or steam.

How long did new world mmo take to make?

Amazon game studios announced New World during TwitchCon in September of 2016.  So we can speculate the game has in developement for at least 5 years.  New World officially launches Sept 28, 2021.

Which engine does amazon's new world game use?

Amazon uses lumberyard as the game engine for New World.

Ebonscale Reach hemp map

Shown here is where you can find hemp in Ebonscale Reach from New World.
Ebonscale Reach hemp locations map

  • Hemp
    • Marked on map with this color:      
    • Yields
      • Fibers
    • Low chance to get the following:
      • Dead Dryad Vine
      • Drop of Azalea Nectar
      • Shadecloth
      • Phasefiber
      • Verbena Stem, Leaf, Flower

Reekwater rivercress map

Shown here is where you can find rivercress in Reekwater from New World.
Reekwater rivercress locations map

  • Rivercress
    • Marked on map as W
    • Yields
      • Water Mote
    • Low chance to get the following:
      • Rivercress Stem
      • Rivercress Leaf
      • Rivercress Flower

Reekwater dragonglory map

Shown here is where you can find dragonglory in Reekwater from New World.
Reekwater dragonglory locations map

  • Dragonglory
    • Marked on map as F
    • Yields
      • Fire Mote
    • Low chance to get the following:
      • Dragonglory Stem
      • Dragonglory Leaf
      • Dragonglory Flower

Shattered Mountain wyrdwood map

Shown here is where you can find wyrdwood in Shattered Mountain from New World.
Shattered Mountain locations wyrdwood map

  • Wyrdwood
    • Marked on map with this color:     
    • Gatherable at 100, Tracked at 125
    • Low chance to get the following:
      • Softwood Tree Sap
      • Drop, Vial of Wyrdwood Sap
      • Sliver, Shard, Chunk of Wyrdwood Resin
      • Whisperwood
      • Quillbark

Edengrove lightning beetle map

Shown here is where you can find lightning beetle in Edengrove from New World.
Edengrove lightning beetle locations map

  • Lightning Beetle
    • Marked on map as A with a light orange outer glow
    • Yields
      • Air Mote
    • Low chance to get the following:
      • Lightning Beetle