Patch Notes

Listed here are all the patch notes for the New World game by Amazon Studios. We will keep all the future patch notes on the same page to make it easier to search for specific changes to the game client.

Update 1.3.2 - February 8, 2022

End-game Updates & Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where the unlock messaging was inconsistent on higher Mutator difficulties. Difficulties 1 - 5 still states Silver rank is required and difficulty 6 - 10 now state Gold rank is required.
  • Fixed an issue where equipment couldn’t be upgraded while storage was opened, if there were umbral shards in storage.

General Updates & Fixes

  • The Absolute Terror item’s second Keen perk has been replaced with the Refreshing perk.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause players in PvP to enter a state where their movement speed was incorrectly adjusted for long periods of time.
  • Fixed an issue where the same player could be listed multiple times on the War/Invasion roster list.


  • Fixed an issue where the On Fire passive was providing an escalating damage boost to critical hits.
  • Fixed an issue where the On Fire passive was not triggering a guaranteed critical hit on every third attack.
  • Fixed an issue where DoT damage was resetting the hits of the Accumulating Power passive preventing it from being consistently triggered.

Update 1.3.1 - February 2, 2022

General Fixes

Fixed a bug where rapidly dropping and picking up items from could cause them to disappear from the bag and inventory.

Fixed an issue where collision geometry could disappear at region borders.

To prevent limited time bags of Juniper Berries from being exploited, and to add a layer of progression and potential for extra coin for players at end game, we updated the coin rewards payout from the as follows:

  • Level 1-9 - 1-5 coins
  • Level 10-19 - 5-15 coins
  • Level 20-29 - 10-30 coins
  • Level 30-39 - 20-50 coins
  • Level 40-49 - 30-75 coins
  • Level 50-59 - 40-150 coins
  • Level 60 - 50-200 coins

Housing system has had an overhaul on how data is being stored. This is to prevent issues with players losing their houses or items therein.

Fixed an issue where players could not fast travel to home or respawn at home after relogging from exit to desktop.

Known issue: The weekly Mutator schedule rotation may fail to rotate. We have added additional code to help us track down the issue.

Speculative Fix:

Fixed a bug where the UI could incorrectly select an incorrect item briefly after scrolling. Now, wherever the cursor currently is at the time of the click is the item that is selected. We suspect this was leading to players salvaging an incorrect item on accident.

Combat Updates

Void Gauntlet

  • Fixed an issue where Mending Evasion would reset your lowest active cooldown.


  • Fixed an issue where sheathing the Rapier after triggering Evade would result in the player getting a persistent movement speed buff.

Ice Gauntlet

  • Fixed an issue where the Ice Gauntlet's Punishing Storm was increasing all player damage and not just the Ice Storm's damage.

January 25, 2022
Expedition Mutators, Umbral Shards, & more!

We are introducing a new end-game feature: Expedition Mutators! Mutators change the familiar by augmenting “Normal” and “Named” Enemies found within expeditions, changing the way encounters play out and what strategies players should consider before battle. And as combat changes, so do the rewards! New bespoke gear and resources can be found, providing additional means to increase your power level.

This system is intended to rotate through a unique combination of Expeditions and Mutations each week, with 10 difficulty levels per Expedition Mutation. Players will be challenged to climb the ladder, with the aim of eventually reaching the max difficulty.

Please be advised that “Recommended Gear Score'” levels for a Mutated Expedition is important, as it directly factors into enemy scaling — and by consequence, your chances of success. Please note: This combat scaling is individual per player and separate from the base difficulty increases in health and damage.
Entering a Mutated Expedition

Players will require a codex for opening a Mutated version of the expedition. On completion of a Regular Difficulty Expedition, players will receive the Codex for that Expedition and a one time reward of a Mutated Expedition Tuning Orb.


Players that are invited to a group that already has a codex and orb will be rewarded with both items upon completion.

The Mutated Expedition Tuning Orb will not be rewarded on additional playthroughs of Regular Difficulty Expeditions.

Upon approaching and interacting with the Expedition Menu, players will be able to see the type of mutator available, the mutation level, Gear Score recommended to advance, and lastly if they meet qualifications for entry.

Mutator Orbs are universal. Players can craft 1 per week and will be able to purchase additional orbs in the Faction Shop.

Scoring & Advancement

Score is performance based, taken from a combination of categories. Score is also a shared value for group members.

The following categories count towards the group’s overall score value:

Time: The better the time, the better the score. Calculated at the end of a run.

AI Kills: A target value for killing a predetermined amount of enemies within the expedition.

Takedowns: A target value for killing “Named Enemies” within the expedition.

Team Wipes: Each team wipe during a boss fight reduces the score by a significant amount.

Respawns: Each respawn reduces the score by a moderate amount.

There are also Bonus Multipliers for run efficiency, minimal respawning/wiping, speed, and taking down all targets. These are calculated at the end of the Expedition run. The score ranks are Bronze, Silver, and Gold.

Advancement through each Mutator difficulty level requires reaching a predesignated level of proficiency within the highest achieved level. Higher scores mean advancement to higher difficulties, which in turn lead to bigger rewards.

Mutation Effects


Elemental mutations infuse enemies in the Expedition with a specific elemental damage type, increasing their resistance to that damage type, converting a large portion of their damage to that type, and giving them powerful elemental-based abilities.

Hellfire: Hellfire infuses enemies with fire, allowing them to burn players who oppose them.

Eternal: Eternal infuses enemies with void, granting them them abilities that debuff players or buff their void-infused allies.


Promotion mutations grant creatures in the Expedition powerful new abilities.

Savage: Savage AI apply healing reduction and cast damaging beams around themselves.

Indomitable: Indomitable creatures persist through damage with life-stealing abilities and are able to summon a phalanx, blocking all incoming player projectiles.


Curse mutations apply dangerous effects to players, forcing them to work together to overcome the curse’s power. At the highest difficulties, Curses become Empowered, creating additional tactical challenges.

Desiccated: Desiccated players will occasionally combust with elemental energy. When the curse is empowered, players will need to cleanse themselves by approaching the combusting player.

Censored: Censored players will find their abilities turning against them. After players in the group have used a certain number of activated abilities, explosive silence zones will appear on all players. When the curse is empowered, players will lose natural mana regeneration and must enter the silence zones to regenerate their mana.

Adventurers battle within the Dynasty Shipyard Expedition
Adventurers battle within the Garden of Genesis Expedition.
Adventurers battle within the Dynasty Shipyard Expedition
Adventurers battle within the Garden of Genesis Expedition.

End Game Update Part 2 & Umbral Upgrade System
Umbral Upgrade System

Players can upgrade individual gear pieces from GS 590 to GS 625, by spending Umbral Shards. Note we reduced this requirement from GS 600 to GS 590 based on PTR feedback and the desire to require Legendary items to engage in the Umbral System.

The ability to upgrade items of any type is unlocked when players hit 600 Expertise for that item type.

Players can acquire Umbral Shards via three methods:

Expedition Mutators are the most efficient way to earn Shards. The higher the difficulty level and the higher the Score Rank achieved the the more Shards a player will earn.

Opening Gypsum Casts, once the expertise of that type has reached at least 600 Expertise.

Crafting 600 GS items, once the expertise of that type has reached at least 600 Expertise.

Upgrading any item via Umbral Shards binds the item to player.

Expertise System Updates

Players raise their Expertise from 590 to 600 through the current means; Gypsum Casts and random open world bumps.

Expertise is increased from 600 to 625 via the Umbral System.

Expertise Gear Scaling

Any item that is purchased from the trading post or acquired through P2P after the January patch will have its effective gear score scaled down to the mid point of players Expertise and the items gear score if their Expertise is lower than the item’s gear score.

General Enhancements & QoL Improvements

Whenever you craft a GS 600 item, if your Expertise for that item type is under 600 it will trigger an Expertise bump. This will be another great way for crafters to get their expertise to 600 (in addition to the already released Emerald Gypsum from Trade Skill Aptitude Reward containers).

If you get an Expertise bump from random drop in the open world, the loot ticker will now show which item gave you the Expertise bump.

If you get an Expertise bump from opening a reward cache, the opening sequence will highlight which item gave you the bump.

You can now craft the Topaz Gypsum Attunement Potion at any Arcana Station as well as any T5 Camp.

Increased the odds of getting Topaz Gypsum when killing enemies and attuned.

We addressed an issue where Gypsum casts were only providing +1 bonuses when opening above gear score 585 for an item. Now, upgrades from Gypsum Casts from 585 to 600 should be at least +2 except when expertise is 599.

To allow players more access to use Gypsum more freely as they acquire it we’ve removed the crafting cooldowns on Gypsum Orbs.

World Experience
Expeditions Changes

With the release of Expedition Mutators, we’ve made some balance changes and updates to existing content.

We’ve made expeditions more enticing by updating rewards and drop-rates, bringing them in-line with other end-game activities:

Drop rates for “Named Enemies” in expeditions have been significantly increased.

T5 gear have been added to Dynasty Shipyard loot-tables when playing in the mutated expedition.

We’ve adjusted certain enemies counts:

Lazarus Instrumentality: Reduced the number of enemies when sealing the Ancient Azoth Portals in the Ostium.

Expedition Tuning Orbs

Expedition Tuning Orbs for Amrine Excavation, Starstone Barrows, The Depths, and Dynasty Shipyard can be purchased from the Faction Shop once a day. Expedition Tuning Orbs for Garden of Genesis and Lazarus Instrumentality can be purchased once a week.

To increase access to crafting Expedition Tuning Orbs we made the following materials able to be tradable which were previously bound to players:

Blight Seeds

Corrupted Lodestones, Crystals, Fragments, Shards, and Slivers


We’ve made significant reductions to crafting costs for Expedition Keys. Global Key Crafting Changes:

Reduced Starmetal Chisel coin cost to 150 down from 200.

Reduced Orichalcum Chisel coin cost to 200 down from 400.

Reduced Asmodeum Chisel coin cost to 250 down from 500.

Eternal Heart: Reduced all elemental mote costs to craft. Now costs 10 of each mote down from 30.

Elemental Heart: Reduced all elemental mote costs to craft. Now costs 10 of each mote down from 30.

Undying Heart: Reduced all elemental quintessence costs to craft. Now costs 2 of each quintessence down from 6.

Dynasty Tuning Orb: Reduced the amount of Corrupted Crystal required to craft. Now costs 1 down from 2.

Dynasty Tuning Orb: Reduced the amount of Obsidian Voidstone required to craft. Now costs 8 down from 10.

Lazarus Tuning Orb: Reduced the amount of Corrupted Lodestone required to craft. Now costs 1 down from 3.

Genesis Tuning Orb: Reduced the amount of Corrupted Lodestone required to craft. Now costs 1 down from 2.

Mutated Tuning Orb changes from PTR:

Reduced the amount of Runestone required to craft. Now costs 5 down from 10.

Reduced the amount of Powerful Gemstone Dust required to craft. Now costs 5 down from 10.

Reduced the amount of Chisels required to 1 down from 2.

Fast Travel Costs

We’ve heard your frustrations with the cost of Fast Travel, and this release includes an update that dramatically reduces the distance factor in the amount of Azoth required for each trip. Accordingly, the Faction Control Point bonus associated with Fast Travel now reduces the distance factor to zero.

  • New Fast Travel shrines have been unearthed!
  • Excavated Shrine added at the Amrine Excavation
  • Starstone Shrine added to the North East wall of the Shattered Obelisk Complex
  • Shiresad Shrine added just outside the entrance to The Depths.
  • Genesis Shrine added in front of the Garden of Genesis entrance
  • Melpomene's Shrine added below the Siren's Amphitheatre
  • Lazarus Shrine added next to the entrance to the Lazarus Instrumentality

Open World

Fixed an issue with the following Elite Strongholds not consistently applying the appropriate affliction to players that enter visually afflicted areas:

Mangled Heights

Ambusti Inferior/Superior



Siren's Stand: Revised chest placements of several Elite Chests to be closer to their associated named enemy.

Mangled Heights: Slightly moved one Elite Chest at Mangled Pox Gate.

Notable Fixes

  • Fixed inconsistent spelling for the player facing name of Eridanus.
  • Fixed an issue with Windsward Patrol Faction Missions displaying incorrect values.
  • Added a fix to prevent duplicate objectives from being given to players.
  • Yetis converted from Elite Boss to Elites after the Winter Convergence event.
  • Added enemies to an abandoned camp site in Restless Shore.
  • Increased spawn times to level 35+ POIs to account for longer time to kill enemies.
  • Fixed an issue found in PTR where a tree flies into sky after being chopped down.
  • Fixed an issue where the Disciple of Disorder only spawned once in Myrkgard.
  • Decreased some load times.
  • Fixed an issue where a fence was not rendering for all players in Weaver’s Fen.
  • Removed a small patch of invisible water in Everfall, North of Orion, that can slow player movement or cause the player to drown.
  • Fixed an issue with an elite chest clipping through an Orchicalcum vein making it difficult to loot in Myrkgard.
  • Various fixes to gatherables and vegetation below or inside world collision.
  • Various fixes to holes in world collision.

Combat & AI
General AI


Increased the hit volumes for Bipedal bears so that players can more consistently damage them.


Reduced the amount of health that Skeletons will revive with from 70% to 40%.


Reduced the amount of healing that is granted from Villager potions from 35% to 20%.

Increased the cooldown on the Potions.

Varangian Knights

The Varangian Knights celebrated the Winter Convergence by laying down their weapons and painting them to match the color of their armor.

Tendrils (Corrupted and Angry Earth)

Reduced damage of Sweep attack by 40%, reduced frequency of this attack, but increased reaction to a knockdown.

Reduced damage of Stab attack by 50% and removed stagger reaction.

Reduced damage of Thrash attack by 40%.

Reduced damage of Projectile attack by 50% and removed stagger reaction.

Swamp Beast Arena Boss

Fixed an issue preventing the Swamp Beast from properly consuming minions.

Expedition AI

Garden of Genesis

Fixed an issue preventing enemies from despawning after failing to defend the sapling.

Alluvium Marl - Removed the unintended ability for minions to apply a debuff against Alluvium Marl on their death.

Blighted Greenskeeper - Reworked the VFX on the Blighted Greenskeeper to be more visible.

Mutator Perks added

Weapon Perks

  • Flame Attunement - Attacks deal an additional 15% weapon damage as Fire. (Cooldown 2s)
  • Frost Attunement - Attacks deal an additional 15% weapon damage as Ice. (Cooldown 2s)
  • Arboreal Attunement - Attacks deal an additional 15% weapon damage as Nature. (Cooldown 2s)
  • Abyssal Attunement - Attacks deal an additional 15% weapon damage as Void. (Cooldown 2s)

Armor Perks

  • Flame Conditioning - After being hit with Fire damage, gain 4% Fire absorption for 5 seconds. Each piece of armor with this perk increases the potency of the effect.
  • Frost Conditioning - After being hit with Ice damage, gain 4% Ice absorption for 5 seconds. Each piece of armor with this perk increases the potency of the effect.
  • Arboreal Conditioning - After being hit with Nature damage, gain 4% Nature absorption for 5 seconds. Each piece of armor with this perk increases the potency of the effect.
  • Abyssal Conditioning - After being hit with Void damage, gain 4% Void absorption for 5 seconds. Each piece of armor with this perk increases the potency of the effect.

PvP damage formula update

We adjusted the way armor mitigation is calculated to use enemies gear score value instead of your average gear score.

To adjust for the difference in armor mitigation, we increased the damage low level players do to higher level players and reduced the damage the higher level players due to lower level players.

Outpost Rush

  • Increased the Azoth cost of Brute tokens from 500 Azoth to 750 Azoth.
  • Summoning Stones are now dropped on death.
  • Summoning Stones now have a rarity associated with them. Epic for Bear and Wraith Tokens, and Legendary for Brute Tokens. This should make it clear to players when they are dropped by other players.
  • Outpost Rush Alpha Wolf will no longer summon minions.
  • Outpost Rush gatherables no longer have weight.
  • Baroness Hain’s Ice Mines now slow the player by 30% for 3s instead of staggering the player.
  • Water can no longer be gathered in Outpost Rush.
  • Added two additional gate points on the sides of each team’s spawn.
  • Increased the cooldown on the Outpost Rush Brute’s Corrupted Ball.
  • Outpost Rush Brutes will now be much less likely to use their Corrupted Ball spell when players are inside of the fort.

Notable Fixes

  • Fixed an issue that allowed Musket and Bow light attacks to be activated underwater.
  • Fixed an issue that blocked Bow from entering aim down sights if swapping to Bow while in Musket Sniper Zoom.
  • Updated the Rapier Tondo Ability and the Bow Barbed Arrows Rain of Arrows upgrade tooltips to state the damage per second instead of overall damage for the damage over time effects.
  • Fixed issue where player movement speed was sometimes increased while placing a camp.
  • Fixed tooltip for the fine corrupted sigil incorrectly stating lightning damage instead of strike damage.
  • Removed text that flies out when triggering Quick Shower.
  • Fixed exploit where players could combine multiple ammo return benefits and refund ammo using attacks that hit multiple times per use. Added a cooldown to ammo refunds so that it can not trigger more than once every 2 seconds per ability/perk/attribute bonus.
  • Fixed issue where if shift was being held while aiming down sights with a bow or musket, or if a player used any navigation action, the animations would stutter.
  • Fixed issues with player becoming stuck after interacting with NPCs.
  • Fixed issue that would cause you to cancel out of Poison Shot or Penetrating shot if you were holding RMB while activating the ability.
  • Fixed issue where various status effect removals were resulting in the buff applying indefinitely.
  • Fixed issue where the Bow Concussion ultimate was applying to all attacks and not just headshots.

Fixed issue where Mending Protection wasn’t functioning properly. To fix the issue the following changes were made:

Updated Mending Protection be able to be re-applied by any Orb Of Protection heal, even the recovery form Protector's Blessing.

To compensate for that the duration has been shortened and the effect of it has been reduced. Previously it was 5%-40% for 5s that only applied as the ability was initially used, now it is 5%-25% for 3s. That duration can be refreshed with each tick of recovery and additional applications of Orb of protection.

  • Fixed issue where the great axe Reap ability was not dealing damage when both The Collector Modifier and the Gravity Passive were unlocked.
  • Fixed issue that was prevalent in the PTR where the void gauntlet’s cooldown reduction was being triggered by DoT ticks.
  • Fixed bug that did not allow Ancient Bear Paw to be used in crafting.
  • Fixed an issue causing desyncs when using shield bash while moving.
  • Fixed a desync issue that would occur when homing through Ice Shower ability.
  • Fixed an issue causing desyncs on Reap when fully upgraded with the Blood Lust Passive.
  • Fixed an issue where the damage ticks from bleeding sweep on the Spear were triggering cooldown reduction.
  • Fixed an issue with the Void Gauntlet that caused Baleful Tether's status effect to be nullified by crouching or going prone.

Economy, Progression, & Loot

Housing Tax

As a make good for the players impacted by the server clock issues experienced last year, we reduced housing tax costs for all players by 90% based on the tax % set by companies that owned the territories. We communicated alongside that change we would revert those taxes back in a future update. In the time the tax break has been active, it has brought to light an imbalance in wealth disparity which was punishing for home owners, and we have decided to tighten the housing tax band. We will continue to examine player reception and data around this issue. We are adjusting them to be more fair for home owners and companies. We are focused on evaluating and continually tuning the overall wealth distribution and impact of the territory tax system. In this patch we have:

Reverted the make good 90% housing tax reduction.

Updated housing tax minimum band to 2.5% down from 5%.

Updated housing tax maximum band to 10% down from 20%.

Updating default housing tax to 5% down from 10%.

Aptitude Rewards

With the introduction of trade skill aptitude we imbalanced the gain of Azoth Vials which made them too plentiful, and the excess of these items for some players was causing damage to the overall value of Azoth Vials as a reward. Since these can be traded we want to make sure they stay rare and special. We will continue to watch player sentiment and data here to see if further adjustments are needed.

Removed Azoth Vials from T1 Aptitude gathering chests.

Reduced Azoth Vials from T2 Aptitude gathering chests to 1-2 down from 2-3.

Reduced Azoth Vials from T3 Aptitude gathering chests to 1-3 down from 3-5.

Reduced Azoth Vials from T1 Aptitude crafting & refining chests to 0-1 down from 2-3.

Reduced Azoth Vials from T2 Aptitude crafting & refining chests to 1-2 down from 2-3.

Reduced Azoth Vials from T3 Aptitude crafting & refining chests to 2-3 down from 3-5.


Fixed a bug where players under level 60 were able to get gypsum from darkness events. Players must be level 60 now to start earning gypsum from those events.

The Surgeon, Pit Lord Daehi, Baines, and Mordici The Mortician previously did not drop battle trophy materials. This has been fixed!


  • Fixed an issue where Timeless Shards were not being consumed while crafting.
  • Fixed an issue causing the Maker's Mark Hatchet to incorrectly display as legendary with an extra perk in the crafting menu.
  • Updated art for Energizing Light Ration and Energizing Travel Ration to better represent the ingredients used to create them.
  • Fixed "Blackened Mandje Mandje with Corn Succotash" recipe that requires a Lava Barb. The recipe title now references the correct fish.
  • Fixed a bug that was preventing players from crafting GS 600 arcana items using Winter Patterns.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the use of Onyx when crafting earrings using Timeless Shard.

Gear and Loot

To stimulate the post-holiday economy, we’ve added a limited-time rare drop called “Bag of Juniper Berries” which gives players coin and Juniper berries. It has the potential to reward between 50-150 coin per acquisition and you can only find 3 per day.

  • Fixed an issue where Rothoard Alligators were dropping an excessive amount of rawhide.
  • Fixed an issue where certain 600 gear score named items were increasing your Expertise.
  • Fixed an issue where the Lazarus Bow had less dexterity than other bows at its tier and gear score. It now has an equivalent amount of dexterity.
  • Fixed an issue where the earring "Pedal" could not be repaired.
  • Fixed an issue causing Egwene’s Cloak to stretch with certain animations.
  • Fixed an issue causing the Dynasty Shipyard Mutator ring to display an incorrect name and description. It now displays the proper name and description.
  • Fixed an issue preventing players from socketing gems into Mutator Accessories.
  • Fixed an issue preventing players from socketing gems into Old Ring, Old Earring, and Old Amulet.


Sped up leveling for the mid game levels of 23 - 45 by 20%. We saw that mid game leveling was taking a bit long and did not match pacing of the content we had.

Expedition Tuning Orbs:

Materials used to craft Expedition Keys: Chisels, and Corrupted Fragments, Shards, Crystals, and Lodestones are now tradeable.

Expedition Mutator Tuning Orbs can be crafted once per week and also have been added to the Faction Shops and can be purchased there once per week.

To keep parity with Expedition Mutator Tuning Orbs, normal Expedition Tuning Orbs for Dynasty Shipyard, Garden of Genesis, and the Lazarus Instrumentality have been added to Faction Shops and can each be purchased once per week.

To reduce the cost of all items in inventory taking durability damage on death, we made a change so that only Bound items take durability damage on death.

We fixed an issue that was causing players to lose progress when switching back to a Faction they previously had been a part of. Now, when players switch back to a Faction they will retain their Faction Rank Reputation as well as the balance of their Faction Tokens. Unfortunately, we can not restore players to their previous state for players who switched back to a Faction they were are a part of prior to this update.

UX, UI, & Social

  • Game Entry Navigation Assistance added to the game.
  • This system will help visually impaired players enter the world of Aeternum, through voice narration of some of critical steps needed to create a character and get to the starting beach
  • Removed ability to give gold to individuals outside of the player-to-player trading system.
  • Added a new loading screen tooltip to help explain how the strong against / weak against mechanics work.
  • Players must now play the game for a minimum of 2 hours and have owned the game for a minimum of 72 hours before they can use chat. This should help eliminate some more of those pesky gold sellers.
  • In-Game Store
  • D├ęcor Packs now display number of furniture items included in pack.
  • Store items can now simultaneously display that they are on sale and that they are available for a limited time.
  • Currency symbols now correctly display in all regions.
  • Trading Post
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Trading Post’s “Sort by Time” function to function incorrectly.
  • Inventory should no longer scroll back to the top after closing the sell window (whether you sell or cancel) on the Trading Post.

Notable Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where group chat could break after exiting a house.
  • Fixed an issue where companies who own more than one territory were not getting merge reimbursements. Companies are now compensated depending on the number of territories they own (rather than a flat amount).
  • Fixed an issue where Outpost Rush reward screen would only showed one reward even if multiple were awarded.
  • Fixed an issue that sometimes caused Corrupted Breach icons to not appear on the map.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the Territory Standing Upgrade UI to stay on screen if a player starts a trade while its visible.
  • Fixed an issue that sometimes caused items to not appear repaired after a player repairs all.
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes caused the incorrect items to trade when trading from a split stack.
  • Adjusted Void Gauntlet icons to match the gauntlets model color.
  • Fixed a number text overlapping issues in the UI.
  • Fixed an issue with sorting by time on the Trading Post.
  • Fixed an issue causing some Timeless Shard icons to display the incorrect weight.
  • Fixed a bug where Eternal Pool Arena boss music could be heard right outside of the Eternal Pool Arena.
  • Fixed a bug where sounds were not always playing at Navarro’s Kitchen.
  • Adjusted the way mission tooltips dock (they now dock to the side of the tiles), to make it easier to read detailed info on missions.
  • Added a sound for when players capture points during an Outpost Rush.
  • Fixed a bug where players could not always hear Snap the Wolf when accepting the Snap’s Blessing quest.
  • Fixed server crash that likely stemmed from territories abandoned by their governors.
  • Fixed a discrepancy between server, client, and system clock timing in war declaration screen.
  • Fixed an issue where the map was reporting that there was an Upcoming Invasion when there was actually an Upcoming War.



 Patch 1.1 - Nov 18

New Weapon: Void Gauntlet

The Void Gauntlet has manifested in Aeternum. Manipulate the powers of the Void to support your allies and debilitate your enemies with this magical damage/support hybrid weapon. It’s the first weapon to scale on both Intelligence and Focus, making it a great pairing with the Life Staff and other magical weapons. Adventurers will be able to progress through two weapon mastery trees, allowing the player to manipulate Void magic in different ways:

The Annihilation tree focuses on maximizing damage at close-range and revolves around Void Blade, a summoned blade of corrosive void energy.

The Decay tree offers ranged healing and debuffs and revolves around Orb of Decay, a dual phase projectile that can debuff enemies and heal allies.

With its arsenal of buffs and debuffs, the Void Gauntlet is perfect for group combat and can significantly bolster your allies at the expense of your enemies.

  • An adventurer in ornate armor wields the void gauntlet.
  • An adventurer wields the voidblade in the face of several ancient guardians.
  • An adventurer uses a powerful void attack to blast away several Varangian Knights.

New Enemies: The Varangian Knights

The Varangians are a force of invading knights currently raiding Southeastern Aeternum. They are led by Lord Commander Attalus, a Gaul with a reputation for brutality and a twisted sense of humor. Commander Attalus and the Varangians are vassals to a powerful warlord named Varik “The Hammer” Iznov. They have been sent to Southeastern Aeternum in search of magical artifacts and arcane lore left behind by the Crimson Sorcerer. Their goal is to secure magical weapons that will help their lord in his conquests. The Varangians are fiercely competitive and will vie with one another to curry favor with Lord Commander Attalus.

Why these fearsome warriors have arrived is a question to all. Face off against multiple new types of enemies, including the Varangian Hewer, Varangian Scout, Varangian Knight, and Varangian Archer as you ascertain what they are chasing in Aeternum.

  • Several Varangian knights stand on the beach, having newly arrived in Aeternum.
  • Varangian Knights charge out of their camp, ready for battle.
  • Several Varangian knights stand on the beach, having newly arrived in Aeternum.
  • Varangian Knights charge out of their camp, ready for battle.

World Experience


  • Added starter zone visual variety and improvements.
  • Updated visuals have been added to the starting areas.
  • Corruption and Withered visuals have been amplified in farms and points of interest (POIs).
  • Ezra’s Forge has been updated and moved from Amrine temple to southwest Windsward.
  • Run Faster on Roads! While running on roads you will now receive a movement bonus:
  • Movement speed bonus of 10% while travelling on roads.
  • The move speed bonus will not trigger unless the player has been running for 3 seconds and they are on a road.
  • The movement bonus will be cancelled if a player engages in combat in any way such as dodging, blocking, attacking, or being hit with a debuff.
  • The move speed bonus is not active while player is actively engaged in wars, outpost rush, or duels.
  • Added a +10% Luck bonus and a +30% Gathering Luck bonus to players flagged for PvP.
  • Notable bug fixes:
  • Fixed issues with various AI stuck in cliffs or boulders.
  • Fixed issues with Boss gating and triggering in Expeditions, where some doors would show as closed but would be open instead.
  • Fixed several issues in Expeditions that allowed players to attack enemies without getting hit or heal teammates without being in an encounter.
  • Various enemy vitals, names, and versions have been updated/fixed.
  • Fixed various issues with missing or incorrect world collision and navigation mesh.


  • New PvP Faction Missions added:
  • Control Points - Seize control of a Fort.
  • Intercept - Defeat enemy faction members and collect their tears.
  • War Camp Loot - Retrieve hidden plans at the enemy’s war camp.
  • We’ve updated several quests in the Main Storyline to improve the player experience with more compelling dynamics including wave encounters, destructible objects, and proximity tracking nodes.
  • As a result of these changes, players may find their progress reset for some Main Storyline quests.
  • The quests “Old Stone Remembers” and “New Initiate, Old Order” have undergone more extensive restructuring, and players who were on these quests will need to return to Yonas in Fisherman’s Bend to re-accept the quests.
  • Updated the location of one of the Survivalist “Wolf Den” quests in First Light to reduce amount of travel. The encounter design has also been updated to a wave event in all three starter zones.
  • Notable bug fixes:
  • Starting zone faction missions have been updated so early players will not be given missions to hunt sheep.
  • Faction Rank 2 Quests are now offered at level 20 but are still recommended for level 25+ players.
  • "Return to Innkeep” quests now reward the proper amount of Azoth.
  • Map pins were updated for hunt missions in Elder’s Gate to be more accurate.
  • Two elite faction assassination missions in Brightwood target elite enemies that only spawn at night. We’ve updated the quest text to specify this requirement.
  • Various text fixes for typos, moving of quest locations, and reinforcement of story.
  • Revised naming conventions for town projects to better distinguish them from Faction Missions.
  • Fixed Expedition loot PvE faction mission within the Garden of Genesis.
  • Fixed a mismatch in the text requirement and actual requirements for the "To be a Grandmaster" fishing quest.
  • Fixed an issue with PvP Spy missions not being completed in non-settled zones.
  • Added voice over (VO) fixes for multiple NPCs.
  • Fixed various issues causing NPCs to not complete their animations.
  • Fixed various issues causing incorrect loot tags to display.

World Tech

Notable bug fixes:
  • Fixed an issue causing certain AI to spawn more frequently than intended.
  • Fixed various issues that could occur when interacting with the journal entries scattered across the world.
  • Fixed an issue with Town Projects board failing to refresh.
  • PvP Experience bonus will no longer apply when in an Expedition.

Combat & AI


  • Fixed a bug that allowed the Well Fed buff to stack from different tiers and types of food. The most recent instance of the buff will now replace any previous versions.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented Weapon Coating items from being consumed properly when used.

Gear Perks

  • Increased scaling of Leeching perks on rings and weapons from a range of 0.5% - 1.5% damage converted to health on hit to a range of 1% - 5%.
  • Increased the efficiency of the Freedom, Vigor, and Invigorate debuff reduction perks from a range of 3% - 5% based on gear score (GS) to a range of 3% - 8%.
  • Decreased the cooldown of the Keen Speed perk (which grants haste on critical hits) from 10s to 5s, and increased haste duration from 2s to 3s.
  • Increased the Poisoning, Blood Letting, Burning, Crippling, Enfeebling, and Infected effect duration on ring perks from a range of 3% - 7% to a range of 5% - 15%.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed Chain Elemental perks to damage invulnerable characters.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed Chain Elemental perks to strike downed or dead targets.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed the Corrupted Bane perk to scale higher than other Bane perks.
  • Fixed a bug that caused Chain Elemental perks to trigger from the initial impact of the Great Axe Gravity Well skill.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the Hearty perk was incorrectly giving a bonus to strike damage.

Equip Load

  • Increased the healing bonus of the light equip load from 20% to 30%, and increased the healing bonus for medium equip load from 10% to 15%.

Navigation Updates

  • Jumping and traversal are now disabled when navigation is disabled (such as when hit with a Root effect).
  • Updated the vault camera to smooth out the motion.
  • Updated jump in place to allow translation while in air.
  • Fixed various animation bugs alongside a variety of issues to smooth out general navigation.
  • Fixed an issue where attacking while sliding could cause a player to get stuck in an unnatural slide animation.
  • Fixed an issue where jumping could cancel area of effect (AoE) aiming on some abilities.
  • Fixed an issue where traversing with autorun had a slight movement pause.
  • Fixed an issue where player animation appeared to stutter when the transition to sprint finishes.
  • Fixed an issue where the sprinting jump noticeably slowed the player when landing.
  • Fixed an issue where the Shield could fail to sheathe properly after queuing certain actions.
  • Fixed an issue where weapon swapping while gathering could cause the player to not have the correct weapons equipped or perform attack animations properly.
  • Fixed an issue where players could become unresponsive if they blocked while running and trying to crouch.
  • Fixed an issue where drinking a consumable while performing a gathering action would break the player's consuming animation.
  • Fixed an issue where the camera moved along with crouching/ prone actions if player used those buttons while Harvesting or Skinning.
  • Fixed an issue where spamming prone could get weapon sheathe out of sync.
  • Fixed an issue with player movement issues when attempting to place a camp while mid-air.
  • Fixed an issue allowing players to bypass collision when taking weapon out while prone.
  • Fixed an issue where animations could stutter when running after executing multiple attacks with certain weapons.
  • Fixed an issue where the player was able to clip through outcropping collision by using certain abilities while prone.
  • Fixed an issue where players rotated incorrectly when entering sprint from moving backward and sprinting from Shield Rush.
  • Fixed an issue where autorun would not stop while attempting to place a camp.
  • Fixed an issue where players could use Strength to scale unarmed attacks after prone and jump spam.
  • Fixed an issue where players would sometimes become unable to execute heavy attacks out of the prone position when a magic weapon was equipped.


  • Fixed an exploit by preventing gathering while in duels so players can no longer duel to avoid durability damage while gathering.
Attribute Threshold Bonus
  • Reduced the damage reduction provided by the 250 Constitution bonus from 80% to 60%.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the 250 Constitution bonus cooldown to trigger on a blocked hit.
  • Fixed a bug that was preventing players from dodge canceling out of attacks during an ability’s recovery window when the 250 strength bonus was active.


  • Fixed an issue causing 2H Melee and Magic Staff dodge rolls to have a smaller invulnerability window than the other weapon types.
  • Fixed inconsistent cancel timings between dodges of different weapon types.
  • Fixed a bug which could cause a backwards dodge to result in a small teleport.
  • Fixed an issue that caused players to not take damage from an AoE if they dodged into the affected area.


  • Structures are now immune to buffs and debuffs that logically wouldn't affect the siege weapon and deployable structures.
  • Disabled player collision on Inferno Traps due to players occasionally getting stuck on them.
  • Made it so player cant deal damage to other players with weapon abilities through Fort Gates and War Camp gates.

Outpost Rush

  • Reduced the power of battle bread from +15% damage and defense to +5% damage and defense.
  • Reduced the damage reduction on the baroness buff from 25% to 15%.
  • Reduced the damage and defense on the commander tent from +5%/+7.5%/+15% to +3%/+6%/+9%.
  • Notable Bug Fixes
  • Backstab: Fixed a bug that could cause backstab to trigger when attacking players from the front.
  • On Block: Fixed a bug that caused some weapon mastery passives that state they trigger “On Block” to trigger against unblockable attacks.
  • Cooldown Timers: Fixed an issue where various passives and perks cooldown timers were being removed when swapping weapons or unequipping gear.


War Hammer

Our goal with with some of the changes below is to make the power of Juggernaut weapon mastery tree stand out a bit more from the Crowd Crusher tree, and funnel some of the power of Shockwave’s Rend to the Armor Breaker’s Rend.
  • Armor Breaker
  • Lasting Trauma: Increased Rend effectiveness from 15% to 20%
  • Opening Act: Increased bonus damage from 15% to 25%
  • Adjusted Armor Breaker’s hit box to make it easier to hit enemies on inclines or that have been knocked down.
  • Mighty Gavel
  • Increased damage scaling from 160% to 170%.
  • Reduced the cooldown from 22s to 20s.
  • Justice For All: Increased damage scaling from 200% to 220%.
  • Wrecking Ball
  • Increased damage from 120% to 130%.
  • Safety Measures: Increased Fortify buff duration from 4s to 7s.
  • Clear Out
  • Swing Away: Fixed an issue where this upgrade was less efficient when striking multiple targets.
  • Shockwave
  • Sundering Shockwave (Item Perk): Reduced the maximum Rend effectiveness from 20% to 10%.
  • Path of Destiny
  • Leeching Path Of Destiny (Item Perk): Fixed a bug that prevented this perk from working when the Stimulated Reduction modifier was equipped.
  • Passives
  • Exhaustive Attacks: Increased stamina regeneration penalty applied by the Exhausted debuff from 15% to 20%

Life Staff

The purpose of the Life Staff adjustments are to move some of the healing power into the light and medium equip loads while reducing some of the power of the tanky healing builds. We also want to make it easier to properly target and heal the correct group members.

  • Reduced base healing by 20% across the board to account for the increase in healing from equip load
  • Targeting Adjustments
  • Normalized all targeted healing spells (and target lock-on) to have a max range of 25 meters.
  • Added out of range targeted healing functionality:
  • Group UI will change color when the target is out of range.
  • If the target moves out of range, the spell will cancel instead of casting targeting yourself.
  • Trying to cast a targeted heal on an out of range target will display a “target is out of range” notification.
  • Fixed an issue where targeted heals activated by using the ability key would not perform a direct heal on the intended target.
  • Sacred Ground
  • Fixed an issue where the Life Staff Sacred Ground VFX and tooltip stated it lasted longer than the actual duration.
  • Reduced the effectiveness of the Sacred Ground fortify perk from 3% - 15% to 3% - 10%.
  • Reduced Holy Ground stamina and mana regeneration from 100% to 50%.
  • Fixed an issue that allowed the healing from this skill to be stacked from multiple sources if they were using different ability upgrades.
  • Splash of Light
  • Increased the efficiency of Life Staff's Splash of Light ability from 40% to 60%.
  • Increased the efficiency of Splash of Light's Shared Recovery Upgrade from 3% to 5%.
  • Orb of Protection
  • Fixed an issue where the Shared Protection effect was being refreshed by the healing applied by Protector's Blessing.
  • Mending Protection (Item Perk): This perk’s functionality has been changed. Instead of triggering if the target does not have any active buffs, it now triggers if the target healed by Orb of Protection is under 50% health.
  • Light’s Embrace
  • Increased the efficiency of Light's Embrace Connection Upgrade from 1% to 2%.
  • Passives
  • Blessed (Item Perk): Reduced healing bonus effectiveness from a range of 10% - 30% to a range of 5% - 20%.


We wanted to buff the Throwing Axe tree to make it more useful, buff the Infected Throw ability to make it more viable as an anti-healing ability, and improve the buffering for heavy attacks to make them more consistent to use. We also worked to resolve issues that resulted in missed hits.

  • General
  • Fixed an issue where Aimed Throw could be used to cancel basic attacks at any time.
  • Fixed an issue causing heavy attacks to not buffer properly, resulting in some attack transitions not functioning.
  • Fixed an issue causing player’s homed in on a target, the player would be moved to a spot far enough away from the target that the hits could miss due to the hitbox sizes being a bit smaller than the distance the player would be from the target.
  • Berserk
  • Fixed an issue where activating Berserk would consume the Relentless Fury and Accumulated Power empower buffs.
  • Feral Rush
  • Fixed an issue where Feral Rush could be triggered without a cooldown in settlements.
  • Raging Torrent
  • Fixed an issue where some attacks could miss.
  • Infected Throw
  • Increased disease and weakness duration from 5s to 10s.
  • Mortal Power: Increased bonus duration on low health targets from 8s to 15s.
  • Aerial Transmission: Increased the duration of the AoE cloud from 3s to 6s.
  • Rending Throw
  • Reduced cooldown from 15s to 8s.
  • Defy Death
  • Fixed an issue where the Defy Death ultimate cooldown timer was removed when a player died.

Great Axe

  • Reap
  • Fixed an issue with the great axe reap incorrectly triggering a breakout dodge.
  • Gravity Well
  • Fixed an issue causing the Gravity Well’s slow effect to not always be removed if a player was able to get out of the effect area, resulting in the effect lasting up to 2s longer than intended.
  • Fixed issue where the Gravity Well tooltip wasn’t listing the melee damage caused by the ability if Gravity Well is used in close proximity to a target.
  • Whirlwind
  • Added Grit to Whirlwind.
  • Fortifying Whirlwind (Item Perk): Fixed an issue where this perk applied too many stacks of Fortify.
  • Passives
  • Heavy Pull: Fixed an issue where heavy attacks had incorrect hit boxes when this passive was equipped.
  • The Gravity passive no longer increases the duration of all pulls. We updated the ability to now apply Root for 0.25s to targets hit by a pull.


  • Bow Primary Attack
  • Fixed an issue that allowed consecutive primary attacks to be fired faster than intended.
  • Updated descriptions for Rain of Arrows, Poison Shot and Splinter Shot to indicate that they cannot headshot.
  • Fixed an issue with several Bow abilities not benefiting from increased damage from higher tier arrows.
  • Evade Shot
  • Go the Distance: This upgrade now applies haste at the end of the ability, rather than at the start, so that the buff duration is not partially lost during the skill animation.
  • Poison Shot
  • Reduced cooldown of Poison Shot from 35s to 30s.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause Poison Shot to go on cooldown without the ability being fired.
  • Rapid Shot
  • Reduced cooldown from 20s to 14s.
  • Rapid Accuracy: Fixed an issue where this upgrade would not reduce the cooldown if the last arrow of Rapid Shot killed the enemy.
  • Rain of Arrows
  • Rain of Arrows no longer hits enemies through doors.
  • Passives
  • Fixed an issue where hip-firing with the bow was triggering the Heightened Precision passive from the Musket ability tree.


Our main goal of the Sword/Shield updates were to make the Leaping Strike ability feel better and to improve the buffering for heavy attacks to make them more consistent.

  • Fixed an issue where basic attack buffers and cancels weren't working properly during the Sword heavy attack.
  • Fixed an issue where the fully-charged Sword heavy attack had different timings than the regular heavy attack.
  • Shield Rush
  • Improved Rush: Increased Weaken duration from 4s to 10s.
  • Leaping Strike
  • Reduced cooldown from 25s to 18s.
  • Increased damage scaling from 135% to 150%.
  • Sped up the recovery after using Leaping Strike to make it easier to transition into other attacks.
  • Cowardly Punishment: Updated the description to include the slow percentage value.

Fire Staff

We updated the Fire Staff to reduce some of the effectiveness of standard attacks due to how powerful they felt in comparison to certain abilities, and updated some abilities to feel more impactful.

  • Pillar of Fire
  • Increased damage scaling from
  • 134% to 170%.
  • Fixed an issue where Pillar of Fire targets the caster when activated using the ability key.
  • Fixed an issue where Pillar of Fire failed to trigger Runes of Helios when activated using the ability key.
  • Fixed an issue that caused Pillar Of Fire to hit twice against targets near the edge of the effect radius.
  • Meteor Shower
  • Fixed an issue where Runes of Helios triggered on targeting Meteor Shower rather than on casting it.
  • Fireball
  • Added additional clarity that the Fireball ability is not able to crit. Previously it would show the crit damage color, but not actually deal increased damage. It will no longer show orange damage numbers, and an additional tooltip was added.
  • Flame Thrower
  • Increase damage scaling from 34% to 50%.
  • Passives
  • Clear Casting: Reduced damage bonus from 10% to 5%.
  • Clear Mind: Reduced empower effectiveness from 10% to 5%.
  • Runes of Helios: Reduced damage bonus from 30% to 25%.
  • Prophet of a Fire God: Reduced crit damage bonus from 20% to 15%.
  • Spellslinger:
  • Reduced the crit chance bonus from 15% to 10%.
  • Fixed an issue where crit chance was increased for standard attacks and not just abilities.
  • Pyromania: Reduced damage bonus from 20% to 15%.
  • Kindle: Fixed an issue causing Kindle to increase buff duration by the incorrect amount.
  • Reheat: Reduced the time (without activating an ability) to trigger Reheat from 6s to 4s.
  • Updated the Singe and Watch it Burn passives to mix up the functionality:
  • Singe went from inflicting Burn on critical hits to triggering Burn on light attacks.
  • Watch it Burn now inflicts burn on critical hits from abilities only.


Our goal was to buff and adjust some of the lesser-used abilities to make a wider selection of abilities feel viable.

Adjusted the distance the player moved towards the target when doing a heavy attack. The heavy attack was pulling the user too close previously, resulting in the Deadly Reach passive not being able to trigger consistently.


  • Coup de Grace:
  • Increased damage scaling from 125% to 150%.
  • This attack is now flagged as Heavy, allowing it to trigger Heavy-related passives.
  • Skewer
  • Increased bleed damage from 10% to 20%
  • Perforate
  • Increased damage scaling from 70% to 80%
  • Fixed a bug which caused the passive Continuous Motion to not reduce the cooldown of Perforate.
  • Cyclone
  • Increased damage scaling from 110% to 130%
  • Vault Kick
  • Fixed an issue where Vault Kick’s cooldown began 1 frame before the hitbox would appear. This resulted in the ability going on cooldown if the attack was interrupted early, even if it didn’t hit.

Ice Gauntlet

Our goal with the Ice Gauntlet was to tone down the effectiveness of some of the maxed out combinations of abilities while still maintaining their individual usefulness.

  • Heavy Attack - Increased heavy attack start up and recovery time to make it consistent with other magic weapons heavy attack timing.
  • Fixed an issue where Ice Gauntlet movement while attacking was faster than other magic weapons.
  • Fixed an issue where basic attacks on the Ice Gauntlet could sometimes shoot through an enemy without dealing damage if they were too close.
  • Ice Storm
  • Increased time between damage ticks from 0.25s to 0.33s
  • Fixed an issue where Ice Storm did no damage if the player had the Unending Thaw item perk.
  • Fixed an issue where Ice Storm didn't do damage to enemies immune to slow.
  • Fixed an issue where Ice Storm stopped if the caster swapped to their other active weapon.
  • Ice Spike
  • Fixed an issue where Ice Spike displayed a cast timer despite being cast instantly.
  • Wind Chill
  • Increased damage scaling per tick from 16% to 20%.
  • Ice Shower
  • Increased cooldown from 20s to 30s.
  • Entombed
  • Entombed players can no longer be healed.
  • Reduced health of the Tomb to 50% of players max health.
  • Reduced damage of breakout burst attack from 168% to 70%.
  • Fixed an issue where invulnerability on Entomb could be removed while the Tomb was still active.
  • Fixed an issue that allowed players to move while Entombed after dying.
  • Ice Pylon
  • Increased Pylon health by 20%.
  • Added a max lifetime of 45 seconds to the Ice Pylon.
  • Fixed an issue where Ice Pylon could consume mana but wouldn’t activate on slopes, terrain, or off a ledge.
  • Fixed an issue that allowed players to place multiple Ice Pylons at a time by dying and being revived.
  • Fixed an issue with the Ice Pylon targeting neutral players or AI enemies during a 1v1 Duel.
  • Passives
  • Ultimate Chill
  • Reduced Ultimate Chill's bonus damage from 35% to 25%.
  • Fixed an issue where Ultimate Chill’s ability would not apply to enemies in some cases.
  • Updated Ultimate Chill tooltip wording to better clarify its functionality.
  • Critical Frost: Reduced critical change bonus from 20% to 15%.
  • Energized Critical: Reduced critical damage bonus from 15% to 10%.
  • Heavy Freeze
  • Added a 5 second cooldown to the freeze effect.
  • Fixed an issue that allowed enemies with this passive to root players standing in their own Ice Storm.
  • Fixed an issue where the Iced Refresh item perk could activate on both downing and killing a player. Now it triggers only on downing.


Fixed an issue where Tondo, Flourish, and Fleche had their cooldown begin 1 frame before the hitbox would appear. This resulted in the abilities going on cooldown if the attack was interrupted early even if it did not hit.

  • Flurry
  • Improved the homing of Flurry to fix an issue where subsequent attacks would frequently miss or be hard to hit.
  • Overwhelm: Fixed an issue where this upgrade was incorrectly applying stamina damage instead of just block damage.
  • Tondo
  • Reduced cooldown from 11s to 6s.
  • And Again: Fixed an issue that caused this upgrade to only function on blocking targets.
  • Riposte
  • Cooldown reduced from 20s to 12s.
  • Base Stun duration increased from 1.5s to 2s.
  • Lasting Consequence: Stun duration increased from 2s to 2.5s
  • Passives
  • Momentum: Increased bonus damage from 25% to 30%.
  • Swiftness: Fixed an issue where this passive was granting haste from bleed damage ticks instead of actual weapon hits.


Similar to the balance updates of other weapons, our goal was to buff and adjust some of the lesser-used abilities to make a wider selection of abilities feel viable.

  • Increased Musket base damage by 2.5%
  • Fixed an issue where the Musket could not be reloaded after dodge rolling then triggering autorun.
  • Fixed an issue where reloading would not automatically resume after an interruption when the player was aiming.
  • Fixed an issue where musket overcharged shots were not being consumed while hip-firing when crouched.
  • Traps
  • Traps can no longer can be triggered by players in Death’s Door.
  • Sticky Bomb
  • Increased damage from 175% to 235%.
  • Stopping Power
  • Reduced cooldown from 18s to 15s.
  • Power Shot
  • Reduced cooldown from 15s to 12s.
  • Shooter’s Stance
  • Reduced cooldown from 20s to 18s.
  • Players can now exit Shooter's Stance by pressing sprint, the ability key, dodge, Esc, or releasing RMB.
  • Critical Reload
  • Fixed an issue that caused this passive to function inconsistently.


General AI

  • New AI enemies
  • New Lost enemies
  • Withered Swarmancer
  • Withered Beetle
  • Lost Shaman
  • Lost Alligator Pet
  • Ancient Guardian
  • Skeleton Mage
  • Corrupted Villager Updates
  • The Strong Corrupted Laborer has put down his pickaxe and picked up some weights— now looking larger than ever.
  • Villagers have had their attack sets reviewed and reworked to better differentiate them.
  • The new Skeleton Mage enemy type
  • The new Withered Swarmancer enemy type
  • New Withered Beetle enemy type

Bug Fixes & AI Tuning


  • Fixed an issue where AI could sometimes get pushed to invalid areas causing them to die.
  • Fixed an issue that caused health potions to generate threat.
  • Fixed an issue that caused AI to become unresponsive if a large quantity of players were nearby.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause some objects spawned by bosses to not always despawn when intended.
  • Added hit volumes at the feet of all Brute enemies to ensure attacks from players more consistently register.

Elite Affixes

  • Fixed an issue causing slow areas dropped by the Slimy modifier to fall through multi-floor buildings.
  • Fixed an issue causing Phalanx and Slow aura to sometimes attach to an enemy’s feet and move erratically.
  • Fixed an issue causing Slicer to hit a much larger area than intended.

Corrupted Breaches

  • Fixed an issue where Breaches could suddenly disappear mid-fight.
  • Fixed an issue that could sometimes cause enemies to not despawn after a Breach was completed.

Outpost Rush

  • Fixed an issue that could cause bears to attack the wrong gate if both gates were upgraded to tier 3.


  • Fixed an issue that allowed players to body block the Spriggan.
  • Reduced the damage of the Invasion Spriggan by 20% across the board.
  • Reduced the damage the Invasion Spriggan deals to structures by 50%.

Ancient Guardian

Ancient Mage

  • The Ancient Mage is no longer immune to stuns.
  • Reduced the damage of the Ancient Mage’s close range Blastaway spell.
  • Fixed an issue preventing some Ancient Guardian AI from properly retreating.
  • Fixed an issue causing some Ancient Guardian AI to strafe indefinitely.

Angry Earth

  • Dryad Archer
  • Dryad Archer’s leaping spread shot should now more consistently hit the player.
  • Dryad Prowler
  • Fixed an issue that made Prowler “T-pose” when hit by some attacks.


  • Corrupted Acolyte
  • Fixed an issue causing Corrupted Acolytes to be immune to crowd control effects.
  • Dynasty Trainee
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Dynasty Trainee to not deal damage.
  • Corrupted Commander
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the Commander to repeatedly do his dash attack.
  • Yonas the Corrupted
  • Reduced the model size of Yonas the Corrupted.
  • Reduced the self healing on Yonas so he is more manageable encounter for a single player.
  • Dynasty Summoner
  • Fixed an issue making the Dynasty Summoner heal for significantly more health than intended during his retreat.
  • Corrupted Villagers
  • Fixed an issue that allowed Corrupted Villagers to chase players forever.
  • Void Destroyer
  • Fixed an issue allowing the Void Destroyer’s laser to shoot players through the fort’s wall.


  • Lost Porter
  • Fixed an issue that caused Lost Porters to be unable to correctly retreat.
  • Drowned Sailors
  • Fixed an issue that allowed Sword & Shield Drowned to block while using combo attacks.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause Drowned Mariners to get stuck on geometry.
  • Pistoleer
  • Fixed an issue where the Pistoleer would use melee attacks to attack out-of-range targets. The Pistoleer will now better use its ranged attacks.


  • Fixed an issue preventing Withered enemies from killing players in Death’s Door.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the Withered Grunt to get its head stuck in a fence.


  • Fixed an issue with height of Brute characters that allowed them to get stuck in doorways.
  • Fixed an issue causing the Pirate Brute’s cannon to get stuck to his hand if staggered while in a cannon attack.


  • Boars
  • Fixed an issue that would cause Boars to behave erratically if a player shot a projectile near them.
  • Fixed an issue causing boars to instantly turn rather than smoothly turning while walking.
  • Fixed an issue with the hit volumes on large boars so they can be hit more consistently by attacks.
  • Alligators
  • Fixed an issue where Alligators could get stuck trying to attack players who are above them.
  • Elk
  • Fixed an issue where Elk could get stuck in doorways or inside buildings.
  • Peacocks
  • Fixed an issue where Peacock kills were counting as Turkey kills.
  • Bears
  • Fixed an issue where the left and right reaction for Bears was reversed.
  • Reduced visible reaction hits on Bears when staggered.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause Bears to get stuck in trees.
  • Cats
  • Disabled Cats ability to look at and track the player with their head when stunned.
  • Wolf
  • Tuned the lunge attack on some wolves to have a smaller homing angle and to give players a more consistent window of time to dodge the attack.
  • Toned down the player reaction to wolf attacks so that players are now pushed more smoothly instead of snapping to a new location.
  • Stanley
  • Resolved a behavioral issue sometimes allowing Stanley to get stuck running in place.


  • Amrine Excavation
  • Simon Grey
  • Adjusted Simon’s affixes to always be the same static effects between each spawn.
  • Fixed an issue causing him to not pause summoning minions after all of his minions are killed.
  • Foreman Nakashima
  • Adjusted Nakashima’s affixes to always be the same static effects between each spawn.
  • The Depths
  • Archdeacon Azamela
  • Fixed an issue allowing his hounds to be repeatedly killed for experience and loot.
  • Fixed an issue causing hounds to not play proper spawn animations.
  • Fixed a rare issue where Azamela would try to attack players outside of his arena.
  • Fixed an issue where the teleporters could be left on after a team wipe.
  • Fixed an issue causing teleport VFX to not apply to the player.
  • Fixed an issue causing his obelisks to not show beam VFX.
  • Fixed an issue that allowed the Corrupted Carapace over Captain Thorpe’s teleporter to be damageable by enemies.
  • Fixed an issue that made Skerryshiv Acolyte enemies immune to all crowd control debuffs.
  • Dynasty Shipyard
  • Commander Chen
  • Tightened up Commander Chen’s damage volumes so that he deals more consistent damage in the expected locations.
  • Isabella’s Pets
  • Fixed an issue where Isabella wouldn’t look at the player she was targeting with her pistol shot.
  • Fixed an issue where the death of Isabella’s tigers could empower the AI outside of the arena.
  • Fixed an issue causing Isabella to only deal strike damage.
  • Empress
  • Fixed an issue causing the Dragon Breath spell to kill players in Death’s Door.
  • Fixed an issue causing Pearl Pedestals to continue casting even after death.
  • Fixed an issue causing Pearl Pedestal’s hitbox to be too high.
  • Adjusted timing on Dragon Dive so that it is less likely to hit players before the visual appears.
  • Fixed an issue causing Corruption Blast to be difficult to block for players who are very close (such as the group’s tank).
  • Fixed an issue causing the Empress to be vulnerable to damage during specific animations while in phase 2.
  • Garden of Genesis
  • Alluvium Marl
  • Fixed an issue causing his minions to be level 57 instead of 66.
  • Fixed an issue causing Alluvium’s Dive attack to sometimes deal no damage.
  • Fixed an issue that could sometimes cause players to become stuck in Alluvium Marl’s Root Arena wall.
  • Blighted Greenskeeper
  • Fixed an issue preventing the small poison pools from dealing proper damage.
  • Reduced damage of Siren Scream by 15%.
  • Lazarus Instrumentality
  • Cilla
  • Fixed an issue where Cilla’s staff phase would last too long, causing the conduits to become out of sync with her Arcane Might stacks.
  • Chardis
  • Fixed a rare issue that allowed Chardis’ beam to continue after all players were dead.
  • Slightly increased the damage volume size in Chardis’ armpits for more consistent hits.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented Chardis from taking bonus damage from the Ancient Bane perk.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the Ice Gauntlet’s “Entomb” from being damaged by Chardis’ laser.
  • Fixed an issue that allowed Chardis to be damaged by throwing hatchets from outside of his arena.
  • Fixed several issues that prevented Chardis and his Lazarus Orbs from being damaged by player abilities.
  • Arena Bosses
  • Avarice
  • Fixed an issue that allowed Avarice’s minions to drop loot.
  • Baines
  • Reduced the model size of Baines.

Economy, Progression, & Loot

Faction Change Cooldown has been reduced to 60 days (down from 120).

Repair Kit Weight has been reduced from 2.0 to 0.1. We felt 2.0 was too heavy and 0.1 is not very heavy at all. It should be easy to keep a few at the ready in your back-pocket.

Added the item Chunk of Consecrated Iron to the top rank of the Faction Shop for all factions. Chunks of Consecrated Iron are used to craft the Resilient perk for armor items.


All Trading Posts have been linked.

Both the listing tax and purchase tax will be paid to the territory where the buy or sell order was listed.

Items listed in sell orders that expire are returned to the Settlement from which they were posted.

It is no longer possible to place items on the trading post for 28 days. The maximum is now 14 days.

Reduced Durability lost from PvP deaths by 10%.

Reduced the quantity of honey gained from apiaries by 50% and the amount of milk from cows by 65%. Honey trees are unaffected by this change. We made this change because the volume of milk and honey in the world is higher than our initial estimates. The bees and cows are happy about this change.

Housing taxes are now due every 7 days instead of every 5 days. No changes to cost, so players will gain 2 days of housing time without an increase to their taxes.


Reduced Territory Standing gains from Cooking, as they were a bit more generous when compared to similar efforts put into other Crafting Trade Skills.

Updated a Harplass Homestead town project to now require 1 mission item instead of 5.

Increased the XP requirements for progressing Crafting Trade Skills.

Once players unlock a new tier of recipes (e.g. Iron > Steel), the XP requirements to continue progressing by just crafting things at the previous tier will be significantly diminished. However, it should still take the same amount of effort to progress the crafting skill if you craft items in the highest tier you are capable of crafting.

Trade Skills

Potion Crafting Update

We felt that some of the higher-tier core potions (particularly Health Potions and Mana Potions) were a little too difficult to craft, so we updated the recipes to craft these items and introduced a new alchemical component to do so: Alkahest.

Alkahest is crafted by distilling the magical herbs found throughout Aeternum and serves as a reliable and potent base for potions going forward.

Rare Resources from Gathering Nodes

Thanks to reports in the forums, we found a probability issue with rare resources from T2/3/4 gathering nodes and resolved it. Thanks to everyone who contributes to making New World better with your reports!

The short version is we had a couple of probabilities that were multiplying each other resulting in a near-zero chance of some already-rare items dropping. This combined with an issue that could make it next to impossible for an item to drop if your luck values were too high (not exactly how luck should work!), which translated into a “luck sweet spot” that you had to be in to even have a chance (that near-zero chance) at getting a drop.

With this fix, things like Fae Iron, Voidmetal, Phasefiber, and Petrified Wood should now have an appropriate chance to drop after you reach a certain Trade Skill level.

This chance can be increased by eating the appropriate Trade Skill when gathering.

Trade Skill foods also enables the possibility for these to drop before you would ordinarily be able to receive them based on your Trade Skill level alone, albeit at a very rare rate.


Opening fishing mission now requires 3 woodlouse bait instead of 5.


Added several new named items as special drops from named Knights found in the world. Knights that are quest targets don’t have special drops.

Added a new style of weapons that drop from the Knight enemy type.

Rook’s Defense Tower Shield now has a tower shield appearance instead of a kite shield appearance.

Added a set of weapons designed by the participants of the Battle for New World event. These weapons are Tier 5 and capable of being Legendary if they roll a Gear Score of 600.

Notable Bug Fixes

  • Players can no longer create buy orders for items that cannot exist.
  • Fixed an issue that was causing bread and cheese baits from being craftable at Kitchens.
  • Players can no longer post sell orders when their storage is full.
  • Fixed an issue that was causing Boars and Alligators to grant more Skinning XP than intended.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause players to come across bags of discarded items not belonging to them and couldn’t be correctly interacted with.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented Town Project mission items from resetting the mission’s state when dropped.
  • Fixed an issue that was causing quick left-mouse button (LMB) taps when reeling in a fish to cause the reeling to happen automatically, which could make it very difficult to control the line tension.
  • Fixed an issue that was causing higher-tier common items to drop from certain low level enemies.
  • Fixed an issue that was causing small and large Starmetal and Orichalcum veins to give the opposite amount of ore when mined.
  • Fixed an issue with a Syndicate armor piece that was causing it to have a much higher gear score (and by extension, level requirement) than it should. Please note that this fix will affect existing instances of that item.
  • Fixed an issue that was causing Gold and Platinum ingots to require a Smelter one tier higher than they should.
  • Fixed an issue that was causing some named crafted items to present as Legendary but craft as Epic. Now they should appropriate preset as Epic.
  • Fixed an issue that was allowing Fire Staves to be crafted with unrefined woods.

Added new craft mods to the game to account for a small number of perks that could roll on items but were unable to be assigned in crafting.

Fixed an issue where some craft mods were dropping in game but were unable to be traded on the Trading Post. Similarly, the Trading Post listed some craft mods that were deprecated and not dropping – these have also been removed as list-able on the Trading Post.

We removed some deprecated and nonfunctional craft mods from drop lists. If you possessed one of these items, it has been changed to a different, functional item:

  • Starmetal Arcanist's Charm has been converted to Steel Arcanists's Charm.
  • Starmetal Armorer's Charm has been converted to Steel Armorer's Charm.
  • Starmetal Chef's Charm has been converted to Steel Chef's Charm.
  • Sliver of Corrupted Matter has been converted to Shard of Corrupted Matter.
  • Starmetal Jewelcrafter's Charm has been converted to Steel Jewelcrafter's Charm.
  • Orichalcum Traveler's Charm has been converted to Starmetal Traveler's Charm.
  • Drop of Viscous Azoth has been converted to Vial of Viscous Azoth.
  • Squirming Vines has been converted to Tangle of Writhing Briar.
  • Writhing Vines has been converted to Clump of Writhing Briar.
  • Thrashing Vines has been converted to Clump of Writhing Briar.
  • Shard of Wyrdwood Resin has been converted to Resin Shavings.
  • Chunk of Wyrdwood Resin has been converted to Resin Shavings.
  • Vial of Wyrdwood Sap has been converted to Vial of Sap.
  • Draught of Wyrdwood Sap has been converted to Draught of Sap.
  • Fixed an issue that caused attribute mods to not be usable as an ingredient when crafting repair kits.
  • Fixed an issue that caused repair kits to charge a coin fee when used.
  • Fixed an issue that caused certain pieces of Weapon-smithing armors to not drop (Chest/Pants).

UX, UI, & Social
Streamer Mode Updates

Players can now individually block company invites, group invites, friend invites, coin transfer, trade requests, duel requests and chat direct messages.

Choosing the full “Do Not Disturb” will turn of all in-coming notifications.

Added notifications to the sending player to let them know their invites or requests are blocking when sending to a player actively using streamer mode.

Salvage and Repair

Added a tooltip on damaged gear indicator explaining how to repair.

Added the damaged gear indicator to the inventory screen when a player has damaged gear.

Added a tutorial pop-up to better explain repair parts.

Highlighted “Repair All” and “Repair” buttons to make them clearer.

Notable Bugs

We now prevent players from locking in player-to-player trades that would result in inventory overflow.

Players near the coin cap are prevented from doing trades that would cause one player to exceed the cap and therefore lose coin.

Added a quest icon and highlight animations to crafting items that are required for quests.

Fixed a bug that caused titles to be reset after each game update.

Added proper icons to a number of items that were missing icons in the Trading Post.

Leaving a group during a War caused you to leave the War without warning. Players can no longer leave groups during War, but they can leave the War after confirming they want to do so.

Fixed a bug where sometimes the tier of crafting and refining stations shown on the map flyout were wrong.

Added a confirmation prompt when attempting to “Take All” from the storage shed to avoid annoying accidental misclicks.

We now show an icon to members of your own faction when they are flagged. This should help players determine if they have nearby reinforcements or sufficient numbers for a PvP engagement.

Upcoming War and Invasion tooltip on the map will now remain closed and not reappear when you open the map if you’ve closed the notification, until the next War or Invasion.

If foreign language strings are missing, it will no longer show debug strings, it will show the English text instead for better context.

Patch 1.0.5 - Nov 4


Coin Sellers

We know many of you have seen the pesky chat messages from players spamming messages, and we’re continuing to investigate solutions to this issue. We discovered that many coin sellers were creating new characters and transferring money to other accounts. To combat this, we’ve:

  • Banned and suspended many of the reported accounts. Thank you for your reports for players spamming chat.
  • Added restrictions to prevent player-to-player trading and currency transfer from characters under level 10, or whose account is less than 72 hours old. Logging in after your account is 72 hours old will enable your ability to trade and transfer currency once you’ve hit level 10.
  • Redistributed coin value from some early quests to later in the Main Story questline, keeping the total amounts of coin earned the same, just delivered in quests slightly later.
  • Trading Post usage will be restricted until new characters accept the “Introduction to Trading Post” quest in their first settlement.

We will monitor the impact this has on bots and the health of the game, and continue to adjust as necessary.


Fixed a bug where players were able to duplicate items via storage sheds and crafting stations.

We fixed the issue of gold duplicating on territory projects we introduced by disabling trading and made sure it would not occur in the future should we need to disable trading again.


Life Staff: Orb of Protection

  • Removed the small area of effects (AoE) that were triggering on passthrough from every hit of the base version of Orb of protection.
  • AoE no longer triggers on passthrough from the Aegis upgrade, it will only trigger on impact against an enemy/object now.

Reduced attribute respec coin cost by 60%.

Reduced weapon mastery respec Azoth cost by 75%.

Reduced coin cost of chisels by 20-50% depending on tier.

To encourage competition in Outpost Rush, we've slightly reduced the Coin and Azoth rewards for the losing team.

We have surfaced the War conflict progress bars on the map and the Faction Board when there is an upcoming Invasion, as you can still gain War conflict for your Faction.

Identical Weapon Equipping: Players can no longer equip the same weapon type in both weapon slots. We want each weapon slot to have a different weapon type to open up combat diversity. This change also addresses issues which could occur when swapping between weapons of the same type.

Group Scaling Passives: Fixed issues which could cause passive effects that scaled on the number of nearby foes, such as Bloodlust (Great Axe), Against All Odds (Hatchet), and Outnumbered (Warhammer), to apply incorrectly.

Spell Strike Consistency: Fixed issues which caused several magic spells, such as Ice Storm and Gravity Well, to not hit consistently.

Resilient (Item Perk): Fixed an issue that caused this perk to reduce all damage instead of just damage from critical hits.

PvP Flagging: Fixed an issue that allowed PVP and PVE players to heal each other.

Outpost Rush

Fixed an issue that was allowing players to get out of the starting Fort before the match starts.

We now prevent multiple players from interacting with the Altar in Outpost Rush. This will prevent players from getting multiple summon tokens per 500 azoth.

Fixed an issue that sometimes caused the nameplates of summoned allies to appear hostile.

Fixed an issue that was causing Battle Bread (the food buff in Outpost Rush) to be twice as effective as intended.

Updated the tool tip for Battle Bread and Monster Slayer's Stew to properly describe the buffs they provide.

Fixed an issue that could cause players to become stuck in a teleport loop if they teleported out of Outpost Rush while using /unstuck.

General Bug Fixes

Fixed an issue that prevented some people from joining Outpost Rush because they had a pending group invite.

Repair kits should no longer require Coin to use.

Fixed an issue that sometimes caused players to use the wrong consumable when using consumables from the inventory screen.

Fixed various issues with Invasion status showing before the Invasion was declared.

Updated missing English text for on-login pop up explaining housing tax compensation.

Fixed an issue allowing magic weapons to animation cancel their primary attacks with weapon swap or targeting spells, causing rate of fire to be faster than intended.

Fixed an issue that caused Ice Gauntlet upgrade Pylon Dodge to only work immediately after you placed the Ice Pylon.

Fixed an issue that could cause a player to lose their house while offline during maintenance. In a future update, we will be reimbursing the players who encountered this issue. Exact details around the reimbursement will be in the corresponding update notes.

Fixed an issue with enemy AI duplicating and stacking spawns during the quest “Shivering Timbers”.

Fixed an issue that allowed players to initiate a server transfer if they were in the tutorial.

Fixed an issue causing the Trading Post to become unresponsive or delayed.

Improved server performance when a large number of players congregate in settlements.

Fixed an issue that caused some territory influence to not be properly recognized when lots of players turned in PvP missions simultaneously.

Fixed an issue causing some player titles to show as <uninitialized>.

Fixed an issue where players could become stuck while fishing with lag.

Fixed the UI notification for landing in a hot spot while fishing.

Fixed a localization issue where bonus crafting percentages for tools were displaying as 0% for non-English languages.

Fixed the time in Europe to properly account for the change from CEST to CET.

Fixed an issue preventing gear score to increase past 589 from drop rewards.

Speculative Fixes

The fixes listed below are tentative fixes and mitigations. Our goal is to get these changes out and see if issues persist, so we can continue to work on them and address in a future update if necessary.

Implemented a change to help us dig into the "timed out while waiting for server to describe world" issue, and added a fix to reduce occurrences of this issue while we continue to investigate.

Patch 1.0.4 - October 28

Server Transfers

US West will be enabled at 2AM PT (9AM UTC) when downtime from 1.0.4 is complete. After we monitor Server Transfers in US West to ensure no new issues are encountered, we will re-enable it for the remaining regions at 2PM PT (9PM UTC). No server restarts are required.
Outpost Rush

South America: 2AM PT (9AM UTC) when downtime from 1.0.4 is complete.

After we monitor Outpost Rush in South America to ensure no new issues are encountered, we will enable it for the following regions at the times below.

US West: 10AM PT (5PM UTC)

US East: 12PM PT (7PM UTC)

AP Southeast: 2PM PT (9PM UTC)

Central Europe: 7PM PT (2AM UTC, 10/29)

Our goal is to adhere to the schedule above, but may need to adjust the timing depending on any issues (or lack thereof). We’ll keep you updated on our forums and through in-game messaging for any incoming downtime. Thank you to our players in US West and South America for helping us ensure these features are ready for the worldwide rollout, and thank you to everyone for your understanding and patience.

General Changes

  • Removed the Everfall starting beach to funnel new players through the other 3 locations to increase the probability of new players and friends being able to start together.
  • The first house discount reduces the purchase price, but does not reduce taxes. However, the UI indicated to players that their taxes would be reduced, and it was only after purchasing the house and needing to pay taxes that they discovered they had to pay full price. We will compensate any player who purchased a house before the UI fix went out with 2,000 coins.
  • Slightly improved performance within Wars.
  • Slightly improved the performance of the Life Staff with changes to the passive abilities Mending Touch and Blissful Touch.
  • In update 1.0.3 we corrected a bug causing companies to lose income from owning multiple territories or from failed War declarations. With this update we are reimbursing lost coin revenue.
  • The Company treasury will be reimbursed for all lost coin revenue resulting from the issue.
  • The revenue returned will not exceed the treasury cap.
  • If a Company has been completely abandoned, they will not recover lost coin.

We increased the Faction token cap by 50% for each Faction tier. We made this change so that players can earn extra tokens even if they've hit the reputation cap and want to save up while working to advance to the next Faction rank. Here are the new values:

  • Tier 1: 5,000 tokens, increased to 7,500
  • Tier 2: 10,000 tokens, increased to 15,000
  • Tier 3: 15,000 tokens, increased to 22,500
  • Tier 4: 25,000 tokens, increased to 37,500
  • Tier 5: 50,000 tokens, increased to 75,000

General Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where the Faction token caps were not increasing after players had completed the rank-up quests for their faction.
  • Fixed a rare issue causing world time to skip ahead or behind, which would subsequently cause a variety of issues across the world.
  • Fixed an issue causing players to lose houses they owned in Cutlass Keys.
  • Fixed several rare server crash issues.
  • Fixed an issue with the suspension/ban notification showing incorrect times.
  • Fixed an issue where players could use their world transfer token while they still had active trading post contracts, causing additional issues when the transfer resolved.
  • Fixed an issue causing some AI to not spawn in the world as intended.
  • Fixed an issue where Mrykgard Corrupted portals in Shattered Mountain were distributing higher tier gear than intended, and respawning faster than intended.
  • Fixed an issue where enemies in Myrkgard Corrupted portal events were dropping loot.
  • Fixed an issue causing an unintended animation when interacting with the bubbling cauldron housing item, and an issue causing the ladle object to not appear in the player’s hand while interacting.
  • Fixed an issue with Starmetal and Orichalcum ore veins where large ore veins were rewarding small amounts of ore and small ore veins were rewarding larger amounts of ore.
  • Fixed an issue where the War lottery timer would not pause correctly during the War lockout period.
  • Fixed the render distance of the Jack-o-Lantern Pumpkin lights.
  • Fixed an issue causing the GM chat tag to show on non-GM players.
  • Fixed an issue causing armor textures to flicker.
  • Fixed an issue in the Starstone Barrows Expedition where the arcane protection was not protecting players from certain lasers.
  • Fixed an issue where certain enemies in the Amrine Excavation were invulnerable.
  • Fixed an issue where the Ice Pylon could stay on an infinite cooldown.
  • Fixed an issue where players could obtain rings that had two perks sharing an exclusive perk label, and shouldn't exist on the same ring.
  • Fixed an issue causing the projectile visual to be absent from Ice Gauntlet and Ice Pylon attacks.
  • Fixed an issue where players would be unable to complete a variety of game actions after fast traveling.

Speculative Fixes

  • The fixes listed below are tentative fixes and mitigations. Our goal is to get these changes out and see if issues persist, so we can continue to work on them and address in a future update if necessary.
  • Fixed a War exploit where players could use area of effect (AoE) magic effects to capture rally points without taking damage. This should be improved by the War performance and Life Staff performance updates, but we will continue to monitor to see if issues persist.
  • We have fixed several known causes of players being invulnerable. This issue is a top priority for our team, and we are continuing to track down fixes for additional causes of this issue.
  • We have speculatively fixed the issue where players could get stuck after leaving Outpost Rush. This was a rare issue and our team was not able to reproduce it. We will continue to monitor during the rollout.

Patch 1.0.3 - October 19


  • Implemented final pieces of the server transfer framework.
  • Added improvements to the World selection UI.
  • Added clearer messaging when a player is kicked due to going AFK or violating the EAC.
  • Added clearer messaging when stacked discounts are present, such as territory standing and faction discounts on property taxes.
  • Implemented back-end changes to help our team investigate concerns around the client performance in War.
  • Adjusted the respawn timer on Boatswain Ambrose and various other elite enemies throughout the world.
  • In The Depths, Players must now be in the arena to damage Thorpe.
  • An error message now appears when players attempt to buy their own items in the Trading Post.
  • Reverted a chest/loot change from update 1.0.2 that was causing too many refining reagents to roll from chests.
  • Adjusted the volume on the Amazon Games splash screen.
  • Armor is limited to 1 skill perk per piece.
  • Added general performance improvements for visual artifacts and graphics settings.
  • Dyes are now removed from items upon trade with a warning message present.
  • The Time to Declare War" timer now visually pauses to make it clear when an Invasion is imminent but not yet scheduled. Territory remains in a Conflict state after Invasions, and War can be declared.

Bug Fixes

General Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed issues with the T4 and T5 azoth staffs— go close those high level portals!
  • Fixed an issue causing the abandoning event notification to persist.
  • Fixed a housing UI issue. The UI will now correctly shows that property taxes are subject to the full price of the home, and not impacted by the first time home buyer discount.
  • Fixed issues with early game spawning. The watchtower respawn point is replaced by the Settlement after it has been discovered. Players no longer incorrectly respawn at a Watchtower after selecting to respawn at a Settlement.
  • Fixed various localization issues throughout the game.
  • Fixed an issue where not all items for Town Projects were consumed when completing the mission.
  • Resolved login errors that prevented players from accessing their character.
  • Fixed an issue that caused Arena keys to not drop as intended.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Runic Bear armor to not be appropriately dyed during Wars.
  • Fixed a pet placement issue. Pets placed in an otherwise empty house now remain in the home after the player logs out, instead of returning the pet to the player’s inventory.
  • AP Southeast servers now display the correct time zone in-game.
  • Fixed an issue that caused Company invites to persist after decline/accept.
  • Fixed an issue that caused Rajah spawns to stack forever - one big cat at a time, please!

Update: Our team was able to include a few other urgent fixes into this week's update. The following issues have been fixed.

  • Fixed an issue that caused holding and dragging around the client while in windowed mode to constantly re-trigger invincibility.
  • Fixed an issue that caused taxes to not go into the controlling company’s treasury.
  • Fixed an issue that caused penalty length for suspensions and bans to say “Over a year”.
  • Fixed issues with companies not receiving some territory taxes.

Additionally, we discovered that our fix for the issue with titles and achievements not always updating correctly will need some additional work, and we've removed it from the list. We'll continue to work on a fix for this issue, and many more, to release in future updates.

Speculative Fixes:

The fixes listed below are tentative fixes and mitigations. Our goal is to get these changes out and see if issues persist, so we can continue to work on them and address in a future update if necessary.

  • Worked to fix an issue where Wars and Invasions kicked off earlier than scheduled.
  • Worked to fix an issue where not all settlement stations upgrade as intended when town projects are completed.
  • Players should no longer become stuck when entering or exiting an instance. If a player reconnects and their character is dead, the respawn screen is open with respawn options available. Players who are currently stuck need to contact customer support to have their character unstuck.

Patch 1.0.2 - October 13

Faction Missions:

  • We adjusted the rates of influence gain over time so that it will continue to require significant effort over time to flip a territory into conflict state:
  • Reduced the amount of influence increase over time significantly for attacking factions. This is to account for a bug we found where the increase was multiplied much faster than intended over time.
  • Removed the decrease in influence over time for defending factions.

Bug Fixes

General Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed an issue where players could respawn as a corpse.
  • Fixed an issue where the tier 3 fishing treasure chest wouldn’t fight back after being hooked.
  • Fixed various localization issues and text fields.
  • Fixed an issue causing players kicked, suspended, banned, or removed from the game by Easy Anti-Cheat to receive unclear communication. Additional messaging has been added so players can better understand the penalty they received.
  • Fixed an issue causing territory influence to be reset after an Invasion.
  • Fixed an issue where players attempting to take a split amount of stacked items from a different settlement their faction owns, they were charged for the entire cost of the items in the stack.
  • Fixed a game crash caused by a player targeting another player with a healing effect at the exact moment they fast traveled or teleported away.
  • Fixed an issue reducing variety and potential quantity of loot obtained from game modes and chests within the world.
  • Fixed an issue causing some crafting bonuses to not provide the minimum intended values.
  • Fixed an issue where overflow items in storage transferred to a different territory.
  • Fixed an issue where petting Barkimedes caused the camera to jitter.
  • Fixed an issue causing the Ice Pylon ability to not cooldown appropriately.
  • Fixed an issue where settlement storage can become massively overflowed by expired contracts.
  • Fixed an issue where player’s movement could stutter after becoming encumbered from logging.
  • Fixed an issue where there were not enough chests at Hapless Homestead to fulfill Faction quest requirements.
  • Fixed an issue causing players to randomly teleport.
  • Fixed an issue where players disappear if standing still when a campsite turret blueprint is being held.
  • Fixed a visual issue causing repeater turrets to appear as if they were firing projectiles at an angle that did not align with the turret.
  • Fixed miscellaneous game crashes.

AI Fixes:

  • Fixed an issue where Marshjaw respawned slower than intended at Flatfish Fishery.
  • Fixed an issue causing certain bears to respawn faster than intended.
  • Fixed an issue causing twice the intended number of Boars to spawn at the Boarsholm POI in Restless Shores.

Store Fixes:

  • Fixed an issue where players could be prompted to purchase an item they had previously started the unlocking process on in the in-game store when trying to unlock another item immediately after.
  • Fixed an issue causing store previews for skins to not work correctly when the player was actively wielding a weapon.
  • Fixed an issue where the Righteous Guardian armor skin would not change color in War.
  • Fixed an issue where the
  • Runic Bear armor skin would not change color in War.
  • Fixed an issue causing incorrect poses when previewing store items. 

Undocumented Patch Changes / Additional Details

  • Supply Crates are offering greater quantities of refine reagents
  • Selling Ammo on Auction house is now capped at 500, previously you can sell unlimited super stacks
  • Selling Potions on the Auction house is now capped at 100, previously you were able to sell bigger super stacks
  • Fishing Treasure Chests may have had gold rewards removed

Patch 1.0.1 - October 6


We've implemented the groundwork for the character server transfer, and you may see elements of that work in the in-game store. We're continuing to work on this feature, and will have more information on how the system works later this week when we release server transfers.

Changed turret projectiles in War from physical projectiles to use hitscan detection. This should help performance in War, with fewer objects being spawned in the world.

AFK Prevention

In an effort to ensure players can’t stay AFK, especially in higher population servers, we’ve made the following adjustments to the AFK prevention system.

  • Added additional AFK prevention to ensure players cannot fool the existing system with simulated mouse movement.
  • Shortened the AFK warning message from 20mins to 15mins.
  • Shortened the AFK disconnect from 25mins to 20mins.

World Queue

We added a confirmation screen when a player attempts to leave the queue for a world, asking the player to confirm if they’re intending to leave the queue. This should help ensure nobody accidentally leaves the queue and misses out on their spot in line.

Bug fixes:

General Fixes

  • Fixed a rare issue causing the interact key to not properly function on various objects in the world.
  • Fixed an issue causing the barrel to not appear in “Pirate Stance” emote.
  • Fixed an issue where players did not receive coin as a reward from some activities.
  • Fixed a bug where interrupting the fast travel animation may cause the player’s character to become stuck inside of a house.
  • Fixed an issue in Territory Standing rewards where some localized text was missing.
  • Fixed an issue where players are asked to claim achievement titles multiple times after logging back into the game, despite already having claimed the rewards.
  • Fixed an issue causing leg animations to freeze.
  • Fixed game crashes related to the New World Twitch integrations.
  • Fixed a rare issue where players could enter state where they could not be hit by most attacks.
  • Fixed an issue where certain item containers could be looted infinitely.
  • Fixed an issue where the abandoning event notification could sometimes persist after the player abandoned the event.

AI Fixes

  • Fixed an issue causing Pastor Walsh to spawn aggressively at the Walsham point of interest (POI).
  • Fixed an issue causing enemies to spawn slower than intended in the Bullrush Wash POI.
  • Fixed an issue causing Overseer Zane to respawn slower than intended in the "Something to Prove" quest.
  • Fixed an issue where Master Zindt could have duplicated respawns at the Kannan Tomb POI.

Quest Fixes

  • Added missing journal information about the recommended quest level for players attempting to unlock the second faction rank.
  • Fixed an issue where resetting the “Blessings of Earth” quest when you have gained any of the blessings will block progression in the Main Story Quest (MSQ).
  • Fixed an issue where the "Azoth Fulminate" quest will be unavailable to players if they first complete other Windsward quests.
  • Fixed an issue where completing the “Goodwill Squashing” quest prevents the player from obtaining the “Arruda Jam” quest.
  • Fixed an issue where the barkeep conversation state in First Light can enter a state where quests cannot be obtained from the barkeep.
  • Fixed an issue where completing the "Taste for Revenge" quest prevents the player from obtaining the "Predator, Prey" and "Great Expectations" quests.
  • Fixed an issue where completing the “Curse of Ebony Hawk” quest prevents the player from obtaining the “Bond’s Gambit” quest.
  • Fixed an issue where completing "The Expedition into Saircor" quest prevents the player from obtaining the "One Threat at a Time" quest.
  • Fixed an issue where completing the "Strength of the Earth" quest prevents the player from obtaining the "Fading Lights" and "Azure Tears" quests.
  • Fixed an issue where completing the "Twisted Metamorphosis" quest prevents the player from obtaining the "Blessings of the Fallen" quest.
  • Fixed an issue where completing the "Facets of Light and Darkness" quest prevents the player from obtaining the "Descent to Frosted Slumber" and "Transmuting Iron to Dust" quests.

Launch Day Patch - September 28, 2021.


  • Fixed the following to respawn rates for named AI that are required for Quest completion:
    • Master Henry
    • Gheist Maliko
    • Pastor Walsh


  • Fixed a bug that caused completing certain side quests could block players from being able to advance the quest “Corruption Encroaching”.
  • Addressed an issue where by resetting “The Ritual” quest, players would lose the Heartgem needed to complete the quest.
  • Updated Barkimedes quests to address an issue where players could leave mid-Expedition and stockpile quest items for extra quest turn-ins.
  • Unlocked the Main Story Quests after “The Depths” Expedition – the Main Story will now take players all the way to Shattered Mountain.
  • Various VO and Text fixes and tweaks.


  • Fixed an issue in the Windsward “Sole Survivor” quest where sometimes the quest would not update when approaching the Watcher.
  • Fixed an issue causing Hapless Howe animations to not play correctly.


  • Notable Bug Fixes
    • Fixed multiple bugs preventing AI from properly leashing or spawning in invalid areas


  • Notable Bug Fixes
    • Fixed an issue that caused players to become permanently stuck in the exhausted state.
      Speed hack prevention added.
    • Fixed an issue that caused War to get stuck in the setup phase.
    • Fixed an issue that allowed players to receive PvP rewards from duels by drowning after the duel is complete.
    • Fixed an issue that caused PvP flag to stay active in sanctuaries if the player dodge rolled across the border.
    • Fixed an issue that caused the Iced Refresh perk from the Ice Gauntlet to activate from abilities other than the Mighty Spike ability.
    • PVP damage scale adjusted to lessen the gap between high/low level players.


  • Notable Bug Fixes
    • Fixed an issue that allowed players to use the item hotbar to duplicate items.
    • Fixed an issue that caused T4 and T5 Azoth Staves to be unavailable.
    • Fixed an exploit where a War Declaration mechanic could be used to duplicate coin.
    • Fixed an issue that caused a player’s PvP Reward Value did not reset if they respawned at a camp.
    • Adjusted the “Recall” function in the Game Menu to enable players to recall to the Watchtower of the beach they started at. After binding to an Inn the Recall function will return players to that Inn.

UX/ UI / Social

Streamer Mode

  • We added a new streamer mode that will allow streamers and players to hide notifications and avoid interaction with other players to improve their overall experience while playing the game.
  • Players can turn on streamer mode in the following ways:
  • Slash commands in chat: /busy or /dnd
  • The new “Social” Tab in the Settings Menu

Polish and New Additions

  • Reduced the number of days a governor has to be absent before a consul automatically replaces from 30 to 15 days.
  • VOIP is now disabled for the first 3 hours after character creation to limit poor voice behavior.
  • Activated Twitch Spotlight and Twitch Sub Army features.

Notable Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an exploit that allowed players to take PvP missions without being flagged (via exploiting dueling)
  • Fixed an exploit that allowed companies to be able to repeatedly declare war during the Invasion lockout period (but before the Invasion was scheduled) to duplicate coin from “refunded” war declaration costs.

New World patch notes for open beta build 7309095.

New World Open Beta logo

World Experience


  • Fixed instances of boss encounters failing to begin or restart their encounters in multiple expeditions.
  • Fixed an issue where players can get stuck between Chardis and the Arena in the Lazarus Instrumentality.
  • Fixed issue with laser walls not dealing damage in Starstone Barrows.
  • Fixed issue where Archibald will despawn during fight in Starstone Barrows.
  • Fixed issue with Vine bridge disappearing in Garden of Genesis.
  • Fixed issue where players could be blocked from entering the Priest mini-boss room in the Depths.


  • Smoothed the access points to ship flags on the starter beaches
  • Increased the interact range on the ship flags on starter beaches.
  • Added additional directional beacons to the FTUE.
  • Fixed issues where teleport shrines did not appear on the map/compass or have the beacon of light.
  • Improved spawn rates throughout the world at locations that were bottlenecking players on the same quests/missions.
  • Improved lighting of starting beaches at night to be less dark.


  • Fixed multiple quests across the World that were causing bottlenecks due to large amounts of players attempting the same objective.
  • Fixed issue where players could become locked while interacting with certain lore notes.
  • Updated text description for “An Unpleasant Task” to direct players to the correct watchtower.
  • Fixed instances where AI could respawn limitlessly for certain quests.


  • Fixed various town missions exploits.
  • Green, yellow, and red placement validations are now shown when decorating homes.
  • Fixed issue where VFX for loot containers were missing when under high load.
  • Fixed circumstances where certain NPCs would be invisible before interacting with them.


Tuning Adjustments

General AI

  • Increased damage scaling for AI above level 50 and above (gradual scaling from 0% up to 25% at level 66)
  • Increased health scaling for AI above level 30 (gradual scaling from 0% up to 15% at level 66)

Open World Non-Boss Elites

  • Increased health and damage to bring them more in line with Expedition difficulty enemies (this is multiplicative with the change noted in General AI)
  • Increased damage of all Non-Boss Open World Elite AI by 12-17%
  • Increased health of Elite+ AI (Corrupted Ogres, Corrupted Bears, etc) by 60%

Open World and Arena Bosses

  • Increased health and damage to bring them more in line with Expedition difficulty enemies (this is multiplicative with the change noted in General AI)
  • Increased Boss Damage by 20%
  • Increased Boss Health by 33%


  • Increased damage for all Expedition AI by 13% (this is multiplicative with the change noted in General AI)

Notable Bug Fixes


  • Players may no longer transfer boss status effects back to the boss through use of Contagious Reverse Stab Perk
  • Resolved several leashing bugs that allowed players to kill AI from unreachable positions
  • Resolved a bug preventing Dynasty Trainees from damaging the player


  • Spriggan
    • Now uses heal behavior more consistently
    • Now uses his Vine Sweep attack while his target is in melee range
    • Increased run speed and accuracy of target movement when chasing a target
    • Fixed an issue stopping him from using burrow to pursue far ranged targets
    • Fixed an issue allowing the spriggan to be attacked while spawning


  • The Depths
    • Archdeacon Azamela
      • Fixed an issue that caused the Archdeacon’s mines to not be destroyed when he is interrupted by destroying his monoliths
      • Fixed an issue that caused the Archdeacon to skip phases if pulled to room entrance
  • Dynasty Shipyard
    • Empress Zhou Taiying - Fixed a bug causing pedestal hitboxes to be up too high
  • Garden of Genesis
    • Alluvium Marl - Fixed an issue causing Alluvium’s Root Wall AoE attack to not reach the edges of his arena
    • The Blighted Greenkeeper - Fixed an issue allowing her to throw a boulder on herself and take heavy damage in Phase 3.
  • Starstone Barrows
    • Greundgul the Regent - Fixed an issue that sometimes caused her Undying Army spawners to not despawn when she dies
  • Lazarus Instrumentality
    • Chardis
      • Resolved an issue allowing his Phase 3 beam attack to not correctly end after the target had been downed
      • Tuned damage volumes for a more consistent player experience


PVP Scaling

  • PVP scaling has been reduced. The level difference will matter more in your encounters meaning that it will take more hits for a lower level player to kill a higher level player and less hits for a higher level player to kill a lower level player.

Attribute Threshold Bonus

  • Reduced Constitution 250 Attribute Threshold Bonus damage reduction bonus from 80% → 60%

War Hammer

  • Reduced War Hammer Hardened Steel Damage reduction bonus from 20% → 15%


  • Freeing Justice passive will now only remove a single debuff, not all debuffs.
  • Fortitude has been replaced with Invigorating Bulwark - this passive will grant 15 stamina on hit with the shield bash and shield rush abilities.
  • Leaping strike startup frames reduced from 16 to 14
  • Leaping strike distance increased from 4 to 6 meters
  • Counter Attack has been modified to be able to stack and obtain a better bonus. It now grants a 3% empower for 5 seconds when blocking an attack, and can stack up to 5 times for a max of a 15% Empower bonus. Previously it would grant a 10% Empower for 20s after blocking an attack.


  • Sacred Protection passive changed to grant a 5% increased incoming healing efficiency to all group members. Used to grant additional max HP.
  • Reduced effectiveness of Orb of protection Fortify from 15% → 10%


  • Berserk duration reduced to 12 seconds and the cooldown has been increased to 18 seconds
  • Berserking Refresh now heals 10% every 4 seconds while berserk is active to a max of 30% health (was every 5 seconds for a max of 35%)

Great Axe

  • Reduced effectiveness of Gravity Well Unyielding fortify upgrade from 15% → 10%
  • Reduced Great Axe Enduring Strike Damage reduction bonus from 20% → 15%
  • 2nd hit of Reap no longer has stagger on it


  • Reduced effectiveness of Bow Unbreakable Focus fortify passive from 20% → 10%

Chain perks

  • Reduced the number of times the chain perks chained to another target from 5 → 3
  • Chain Elemental Perks now only trigger off basic attacks (Light and heavy), and have a 2s cooldown

Equip Load Updates

  • The 20% damage increase for light equip load and the 10% damage increase for medium equip load should also affect the healing output for the character. Healing is reduced by 20% to account for this. We want the best healer to be in light gear.
  • Reduced the medium equip load threshold from 15 → 13 and heavy threshold from 30 → 23.


  • Normalized the weight of protection ratios (physical/elemental/balanced) within each armor class.
  • Increased the armor provided by chest pieces and reduced the amount provided by helmets.
  • Slightly increased the armor granted by balanced ratios to match the total armor provided by phyiscal and elemental ratios.
  • Reduced the weight of round and kite shields.

Housing Trophies

  • Reduced damage bonus against creature families from 6%/8%/10% to 3%/4%/5%

Clamping of Empower and Fortify buffs

  • Potions will now be included in the clamping of the empower and fortify buffs (50% max)

Elemental Damage consumables

  • Updated duration from 3 minutes to 30 seconds
  • Updated the effect of the consumables from 10%/15%/25% to 9%/12%/15%

Creature family absorption consumables

  • Updated duration from 5 minutes to 20 seconds
  • Updated amount of hits players can take when using Creature family consumables from 10/15/20 to 5/10/15
  • Updated the effect of Creature family consumables from 20%/35%/50% to 5%/10%/15%
  • Set all absorption consumables to have a 120 second shared cooldown

OakfleshBalm and Gemstone Dust consumables

  • Updated the duration OakfleshBalm and Gemstone Dust consumables from 5 minutes to 30 seconds
  • Updated the amount of hits players can take when using OakfleshBalm and Gemstone Dust consumables from 5/10/15/20 to 6/9/12/15
  • Increased effect from 5%/7%/10%/15% → 10%/17%/25%/35%

Siege Turrets

  • Increased Explosive Cannon damage by 30%
  • Capped Repeater max damage falloff at 90% instead of 100%.
  • Repeater damage falloff now starts at 80m instead of 60m.
  • Siege Weapons - Siege weapons damage is now being mitigated by armor.
  • Siege Weapons - Increased damage by 20%

Lifestyle Buff

  • Reduced effectiveness of Arcane Blessing lifestyle buff corrupted enemy absorption from 20% to 5%


  • Fortified Recovery effectiveness reduced from 30% to 10%
  • Keenly Fortified effectiveness reduced from 30% to 10%
  • Mortal Fortification effectiveness reduced from 30% to 10%

Healing Potions

  • Increase base health gained from Health potions from 160/300/650/1200/1800 → 200/400/900/1600/2400, and decreased amount of health gained from the potions based on a percentage of their max from 15% > 7%
  • Increased base health of Regeneration Potions from 30/65/120/180 > 40/90/160/240, and decreased amount of health gained per section from the regen potions based on a % of the max HP from 1.5% > 0.7%

Endurance Potions

  • Removed Endurance potions from the Alchemy crafting station. This item has been removed from the game.


  • Amber Gem - Reduced the damage scaling obtained from the Amber Gem (Nature) when putting attributes into Focus by 20% to make healer’s secondary weapon a bit less powerful in terms of raw damage output for focus builds.

Attribute Threshold Bonuses

  • Adjusted the Strength 50, 100, and 150 Attribute Threshold Bonuses, to prevent the damage bonus from being applied to elemental melee attacks. It will only apply to physical damage. This is to prevent doubling up on the bonuses when using elemental conversion gems with those attributes.


  • Small deployables (Inferno Traps + Powder Kegs) now have a shared deployment limit of 15 per team in War and Invasion.

Notable Bug Fixes

  • Move speed increases - fixed issues with players having a permanent speed buff applied
  • Move speed decreases - fixed issue where move speed could not be slowed by more than 10%
  • Stuck on Load screen - Fixed issue where players can get stuck in infinite load screen and respawn at random starter beach if they die before getting to the Watchtower respawn point.
  • Life Staff- Speed of Light upgrade now functions
  • Jump - You are now able to jump while in exhausted state
  • Attribute Threshold Bonus - 250 Constitution bonus should now have a 60 second cooldown
  • Attribute Threshold Bonus - 150 Constitution bonus should now only reduce damage from critical hits, not all hits
  • Rewards from duels - Players should no longer be able to get PvP rewards from Duels
  • Sword - Leadership passive will no longer persist after leaving the group
  • Life Staff - Mending Touch no longer removes all debuffs, only one
  • Life Staff - Magnify ultimate now extends buff durations
  • Life Staff - Inspire will now increase stamina
  • Great Axe - Heavy Pull passive no longer causes heavy attack to hit twice
  • Great Axe - Enduring Strike will now reduce damage by 20% while in GRIT
  • Bow - Deep Strike upgrade will only increase damage on Penetrating shot, not all attacks.
  • Swap Weapons - when using swap active weapon key bind your weapon ability wheel will now toggle when swapping weapons
  • Sword - When using Contagious Reverse Stab perk, damage over time attacks that are transferred to the other players will now cause damage.
  • Falling - Fixed issue that would cause you to go into fall state while navigating down stairs and inclines.
  • Encumbered Navigation - fix to jittery navigation animations when becoming encumbered
  • Darkness Events - fix to many crashes and freezes when engaging with darkness events.
  • Hearty perk - fix to bug that would cause you to not be able to block or dodge when having the Hearty perk equipped
  • Fishing - fix to camera snapping and rotation that could occur during fishing
  • Sword - Leadership passive effect no longer persists after leaving the group
  • Life Staff - Mending Touch passive no longer removes all debuffs, removes only one
  • Ice Pylon - Health bar should now be blue for allies and red for enemies
  • Life Staff - Inspire upgrade now functions
  • Siege weapon - Damage is now mitigated by armor
  • Life Staff - Splash of light will only heal group members as intended
  • Bow - Unbreakable Focus buff can no longer stay on forever outside of the aiming state
  • Cannons - Attackers cannons can be attacked during upgrade process during Wars.
  • Hatchet - Stay Back passive now applies correctly, 25% slow for 4 seconds.
  • Bow - Fix for animation cancelling causing bow to shoot at a faster rate than intended
  • Ice Gauntlet - Ultimate Chill should now apply Chill debuff and increase ice damage taken by enemies by 35% for 3 seconds as intended
  • Ice Gauntlet - Empowered Strike should now apply increased damage when target is below 30% health as intended
  • Ice Gauntlet - Refreshing Spikes should now give a cooldown reduction as intended
  • War - Defenders can no longer use the respawn option to spawn at the Rally point before the War has started
  • Damage Conversion Gem - Fixed bug where the Intellect attribute threshold bonuses were being applied twice when using a damage conversion gem.



  • Added T4/5 Azoth Staves to be unlocked in the Main Story Quest.
    • T4 is required for the completion of Level 50 Corruption Breaches.
    • T5 is required for the completion of Level 60 and 65 Corruption Breaches.
  • Reduced XP for Town Projects:
    • Raw Material turn ins reduced by 25%
    • Refined Material turn ins reduced by 30%
    • Crafting Armaments turn ins reduced by 50%
    • Provision turn ins reduced by 50%
  • XP required to level at lower levels has been reduced by a small amount.
  • XP required to level from 20-30 has been reduced by a medium amount.
  • Reduced the Faction granted per mission for PvP missions in Monarch Bluffs, Cutlass Keys, and Mourningdale to account for their shorter travel times.


  • Removed the recipes for Endurance Potions. This item has been removed from the game.


  • Increased the drop rate of named items from expedition bosses.
  • Adjusted the perks on many named weapons in an effort to better-distribute perk availability on named weapons while making more of them feel unique and well-synergized.
  • Normalized the perks on all Faction weapons and armor. This change made lower-level Faction armor give Crit Damage Defense instead of Cooldown Reduction.
  • Increased the costs of all Faction Armor and Weapons.
  • Removed socketed gems from all faction armor (they now have an empty gem slot).
  • Reduced Gear Score of Tier 4 Faction equipment from 495 to 490.
  • Reduced Gear Score of Tier 5 Faction equipment from 550 to 535.

Equipment Visuals

  • Materials fixed for War weapon styles:
    • War Kite Shield
    • Vengeful War Spear
  • Icons fixed for various weapons and armor:
    • Tower Shield, Ice Gauntlet, Fire Staff, Life Staff, War Hammer in the Siren Arena Set
    • Round Shield, Kite Shield, Tower Shield, Fire Staff, Life Staff, and Ice Gauntlet in the Drowned Elite Set.

Notable Bug Fixes

  • Many Named items had duplicate or otherwise incompatible perks and have been updated.
  • Fixed an issue that was causing some very low level items to roll with perks, which could cause players to get green items that weren’t special in any way (other than the color green, which is special to some people).
  • Fixed an issue that could cause fishing hotspot locations to be visibly culled, which could make them exceptionally difficult to find.
  • Updated the logic for teleporting players away from Faction Control Points so it should allow more people from each faction to participate.
  • Fixed an infinite loading wheel that could occur when you tried to purchase something from the trading post that had already been purchased by another person.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause a significant increase to influence gains for attacking factions after 72 hours. This increase is still present, but has been reduced by ~50%.
  • Fixed an issue that was causing invites to Outpost Rush to not time out correctly, which was causing them to still be considered part of the invited group.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause boss drops in an Expedition to roll far outside of their appropriate Gear Score range.
  • Fixed an issue that made it possible for players to trade directly with each other over long distances by fast traveling in the middle of a trade.
  • Fixed a number of exploits with gold, item trading, and duplication.
  • Fixed an issue that was causing some named items to not drop in Expeditions.
  • Fixed an issue where players could get stuck in a “Lag Detected” state if they are removed from a war roster after they get their war invite but before they accept it.
  • Fixed a conflict between queuing for War and playing in an Expedition where a player could be pulled out of the Expedition.
  • Fixed an issue where Fibers were giving Tier 3 rewards instead of Tier 2.
  • Fixed some issues with Seals not working with all Faction Armors.
  • Removed a note about War Camp Gate Strength because War Camp Gates are indestructible.
  • Added a limit to the number of Inferno Traps that can be deployed during war.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause Attacker turrets to be destroyed in one hit while they were mid-upgrade.
  • Fixed an issue where dying as a war resolved could cause the player to enter a state where they were unable to interact with the game.
  • Fixed an issue where Attacker Cannons could not be attacked while in an upgrade state.
  • Fixed an issue where the War Sign-Up Board didn’t display the correct times for players from different time zones.
  • Fixed an issue where players could spawn outside of the fort before a War started.
  • Added collision to the roof of the War Camp.
  • Fixed an issue with the Ebonscale Reach War Camp where Defenders could get in using some nearby geometry.
  • Fixed an issue that was causing the vertical beams at capture points to be invisible during War.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause some War Invites to be sent out too early.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause players to enter an unresponsive state when put on Stand By during War/Invasion.
  • Fixed an issue where siege weapon damage wasn’t being mitigated by armor.
  • Fixed an issue where Rally Points are lit up outside of the War.
  • Defenders are no longer able to climb over the walls of the War Camp.


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