Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Buccaneer's Leather Boots T3

The Buccaneer's Leather Boots is a tier 3 Medium armor in New World game.

Buccaneer's Leather Boots

Description: "Many a sailor has found their end at my hand."

Base Gear Score: 340
Min Gear Score: 340
Max Gear Score: 340

This armor piece has a grit value of 1.70.

Set Scale Factors
Physical Armor: 0.66
Elemental Armor: 0.33
Armor Rating: 0.15

Defense Against
Standard: 0.20
Siege: 0.20
Strike: 0.20
Slash: 0.20
Thrust: 0.20
Magic: 0.20
Fire: 0.20
Lightning: 0.20
Corruption: 0.20

Is it legendary?
Bind on pickup? Yes
Can it have perks? Yes
Any gems that are replaceable? Yes
Required level to equip it: 24
How much does it weigh? 3.0
How much durability does it have? 250
Upon death how much durability does it lose? 0.12

If this item has any perks they will be listed below, if the perk list is empty then it doesn't have any.

Perk 1
Lightning Ward II
+3.5% Lightning Damage Absorption

Perk 2
Lost Ward II
+3.5% Damage Absorption against Lost

Perk 3

Perk 4
Empty Gem Socket
An empty socket for a gem
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