Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Ebonscale Reach House Tier Grid map

This is a map of all the various housing plots and tier level from the settlement in Ebonscale Reach. Use it to find the specific housing plot with the tier level that you want to invest.

Housing tier grid for Ebonscale Reach
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Housing Tiers

Tier 1
  • Costs 5000
  • Fast Travel Cooldown: 240 minutes / 4 hours
  • Territory Standing Requirements: 10
  • Max Number of Total Housing Items without perks: 100
  • Max storage pieces: 1
  • Max number of pets: 5
  • Max number of lights: 4
Tier 2
  • Costs 10000
  • Fast Travel Cooldown: 180 minutes / 3 hours
  • Territory Standing Requirements: 15
  • Max Number of Total Housing Items without perks: 125
  • Max storage pieces: 2
  • Max number of pets: 6
  • Max number of lights: 6
Tier 3
  • Costs 15000
  • Fast Travel Cooldown: 150 minutes / 2.5 hours
  • Territory Standing Requirements: 20
  • Max Number of Total Housing Items without perks: 150
  • Max storage pieces: 3
  • Max number of pets:7
  • Max number of lights: 8
Tier 4
  • Costs 20000
  • Fast Travel Cooldown: 120 minutes / 2 hours
  • Territory Standing Requirements: 30
  • Max Number of Total Housing Items without perks: 200
  • Max storage pieces: 4
  • Max number of pets: 8
  • Max number of lights: 10

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  1. Hey, what does the X mark on the Ebonscale Reach map? I really like this area and was hoping to buy first house here, but seems to be no T4 house which I want for discount. Is the X planned release of a T4 in this zone later or something?

    1. Also curious about this. Wondering if we need to advance the town for it to unlock, or if it will be a t5 in the future

    2. I put a X because these are what I called Abandoned or unused plots... maybe something gets added in the future.

  2. i was wondering the same, it seems like every town has one of these plots. im hoping its another home added later or maybe something you can unlock when your standing gets higher