Tuesday, April 4, 2023

New World Seasons Launches with Warrior Poetica Twitch Drop - Claim Your Exclusive Armor Skin Set Now!

Seasons in New World has arrived, and players can celebrate the launch of Seasons 1: Fellowship & Fire with the Warrior Poetica Twitch Drop. This special Drop includes all five pieces of the Warrior Poetica armor skin set - the Ornate Jacquard Bracers, Ornate Jacquard Brogens, Ornate Jacquard Chausses, Ornate Jacquard Mantilla, and Ornate Jacquard Gambeson. It will become available for Twitch viewers on April 4th at 8AM PT (3PM UTC).

Warrior Poetica Twitch Drop reward

To claim the Drop, viewers will need to accumulate 4 hours of watch time on a New World Twitch Channel with Drops enabled. Each additional 4 hours watched will net you another piece of the Warrior Poetica armor skin set. The skin set will be claimable in the following order: The Ornate Jacquard Bracers (4 total hours watched), Ornate Jacquard Brogens (8 total hours watched), Ornate Jacquard Chausses (12 total hours watched), Ornate Jacquard Mantilla (16 total hours watched), and Ornate Jacquard Gambeson (20 total hours watched).

It's important to note that players must ensure that their Twitch account is linked to either their Amazon Games or Steam accounts. This will ensure that they can claim the Warrior Poetica Twitch Drop as well as future Drops for New World.

Full Step by Ste Guide on how new world drops work

For those unfamiliar with Twitch Drops, they are special in-game items or rewards that can be earned by watching specific streams on Twitch. These Drops have become increasingly popular among game developers and content creators as a way to engage with their audiences and reward viewers for watching their streams.

So, if you're a New World player and you want to get your hands on the exclusive Warrior Poetica armor skin set, make sure to tune in to a New World Twitch channel with Drops enabled and accumulate the necessary watch time. It's time to gear up and get ready for a new season in New World!

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