Friday, September 4, 2020

Fanatic's War Hammer T5

The Fanatic's War Hammer is a tier 5 weapon in New World game.

Fanatic's War  Hammer

Description: "His eagerness to spread the message of his faith was equal only to his willingness to denouce those who did not share it."

Base Gear Score: 525
Min Gear Score: 525
Max Gear Score: 525

Base Damage: 90.00
Critical Damage Multiplier: 1.50

Base Stagger Damage: 63.00
Critical Stagger Damage Multiplier: 1.50

Is it legendary?
Bind on pickup? TRUE
Can it have perks? TRUE
Any gems that are replaceable? TRUE
Required level to equip it: 50
How much does it weigh? 13.0
How much durability does it have? 3000
Upon death how much durability does it lose? 0.12

If this item has any perks they will be listed below, if the perk list is empty then it doesn't have any.

Perk 1
Abyssal III
50% of damage is converted to Void

Perk 2
Corrupted Bane III
+15% Damage to Corrupted

Perk 3
Debilitating Block Breaker III
-25% enemy Stamina regeneration when block breaking enemies with Block Breaker for 15 seconds

Perk 4
Empty Gem Socket
An empty socket for a gem
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