Friday, September 4, 2020

Spellbound Gaze T4

The Spellbound Gaze is a tier 4 weapon in New World game.

Spellbound Gaze

Description: "He stared at her, beautiful in her bloodied armor, as she laid waste to his enemies."

Base Gear Score: 400
Min Gear Score: 525
Max Gear Score: 525

Base Damage: 90.00
Critical Damage Multiplier: 1.50

Base Stagger Damage: 66.00
Critical Stagger Damage Multiplier: 1.50

Is it legendary? TRUE
Bind on pickup? TRUE
Can it have perks? TRUE
Any gems that are replaceable? TRUE
Required level to equip it: 35
How much does it weigh? 11.5
How much durability does it have? 2500
Upon death how much durability does it lose? 0.12

If this item has any perks they will be listed below, if the perk list is empty then it doesn't have any.

Perk 1
Ignited II
40% of damage is converted to Fire

Perk 2
Corrupted Bane II
+11% Damage to Corrupted

Perk 3
Durable II
50% Durability

Perk 4
Empty Gem Socket
An empty socket for a gem
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