Saturday, September 25, 2021

Town Board exploit for Windsward

Use this page to exploit the explore quests at Windsward town board from New World.  This is one exploit you can do with out fear of getting banned because its just a location guide to chest that helps you do the missions faster then normal.

So read the quest details which will tell you which landmark you need to search chests for items. Use the map to see the number and then check below verify the name then use the link to the chest location page.  If you do not see a link to a chest location page its because the landmark is very small and getting the chests will be extremely easy.

Windsward locations map

Landmarks / Point of Interest

  1. The Crown of Corpora
  2. Mesnard's Might
  3. Ruskin's Redemption
  4. The Satisfaction
  5. Drowned Cavern
  6. Boar Infestation
  7. Swineskin Hovel
  8. Ancient Buttress
  9. Stoneview Seabreak
  10. Pride of Puckett
  11. Hecker's Haven
  12. Inkwell Cave
  13. Dankfur Hollow
  14. Bear Den
  15. Buccaneer Falls
  16. Merrill's Place
  17. Cooper's Ranch
  18. Willette's Homestead
  19. Kannan Tomb
  20. Amrine Temple
  21. Cygnus
  22. Carina
  23. Delphnius
  24. Fort Windsward
  25. Moe's Farm
  26. Buccaneer Creek
  27. Valley View Mirador
  28. Sirius
  29. Fallswatch Overlook
  30. Harplass Homestead
  31. Bullrush Wash
  32. Octans
  33. Hydrus

Additional maps
Windsward Resource Map - shows landmarks, resource nodes and other helpful information.

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