Saturday, September 25, 2021

Twitch Drops based on streamer ingame activities?

New World may have some special Twitch drops based on what activities streamers are doing in game. We are not sure if this will be a Twitch Extension or just the normal drop type of a system. There is always a chance this never happens either but its in the data from the client.

New World twitch drops

Here is the list of what may trigger a drop to occur on twitch streamers channels.

  • All Dungeons
    • Boss Kills
    • Time to Complete
    • Item Collection
  • War / War Control Point Captures
  • Invasion Wave completions
  • Outpost Rush
    • Boss Defeated
    • Ally Unlock
    • Points Collected
  • Spotlight
    • Kills
    • Death
  • Sub Army
    • Invasion Kill / Death
    • Outpost Rush Kill / Death
  • Fishing
    • Fish caught
    • Rare fish caught
  • Crafting
    • Item crafted
    • High tier item crafted
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