Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Legends of Aeternum

Armament's of Azoth's Fire

Greyjack Ranger Postings

Given by Ranger Madaki

Outpost Duty: Ranger Knatchbull – Eastburn Ranger Law – Cleave's Point Ranger Wardell – Last Stand Ranger Herb – Valor Hold Ranger Herath – Mountainrise Ranger Madaki – Mountainhome

Reconnaissance Duty: Ranger Balogun – Western Great Cleave (Keep watch over Glass Lake) Ranger Fowler – Eastern Great Cleave (Observe movements around Nullcavity) Ranger Nagelhout – Northeastern Edengrove (Document activity; Leyroot Grove and this "Spriggan Arena") Ranger Chapman – Western Edengrove (Monitor any travel near Bramblecliff) Ranger Rochford – Southern Shattered Mountain (Record obvservations about the forges of Caminus) Ranger Demir – Northern Shattered Mountain (Determine avenues of assault; Myrkgard and the Illurmin Rift)

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