Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Tales of Shattered Mountain

Plans of the Corrupted

Broken Branches

Found in Odium

A page written in the Corrupted language, with sketches of Dryad bodies. Circles have been drawn around their hearts, heads, and hands.

Pruning a Twisted Vine

Found in Vehemence

Covered in the illegible, but unmistakable, language of the Corrupted, the images sketched here show the Corruption pillars being tended to, almost akin to gardening, with parts being trimmed, pruned, and harvested.

Condensing Corruption

Found in Iratus

The indecipherable text of the Corrupted fills most of the page, save for an image drawn in the center: a crystal or gemstone of some kind, sparkling on a Corrupted altar.

Duality of the Word

Found in Pullus

I have remained here, hidden, writing all I can while I am still able to do so. A sound fills my mind at times, and images as well... they seem familiar, but I cannot understand them. I fear this Corruption is overtaking me. Perhaps, in my writings, I will find a way to stop it. Perhaps I will find a way to save myself from...

... with the powers they have at their disposal. I am no closer to discovering their long-term goals, but in the short term, it seems as though Isabella has returned from her travels around the island, bringing a number of new converts with her. She seems to be important to the plans underway here. Some of those she has brought may be only to increase their numbers, but others seem specially selected. Experienced smiths, alchemists, men and women of science... it may be that there are plans for some kind of profane construction.

... I am unsure how much time has passed, how long I have held myself in this place. My stores are nearly depleted, and the time for escape has long since passed. My only solace is that somehow, whoever finds this may glean some new information from it. I have seen all manner of oddities brought through here in the recent days: hundreds of trees brought from all around this land, carts of ore placed around the base of the Thorn with the Cultists chanting incessantly, boxes and bins and bags stuffed full of unknowable items. Something is happening. Something dreadful. Something... I am powerless to stop.

A Sinister Intent

Found in Lapsus

A dirty and splattered page, covered with the language of the Corrupted. A drawing of a large blade divides the page, wicked and powerful. While not understanding the words, the writing seems emphatic, eager, almost desperate somehow.

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