Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Tales of Windsward

Turbulent Waters

An Enticing Offer

Found in Hecker's Haven

A bunch of the boys brought me a right interesting one today, some missus just strolling into the camp like she owned the place. They tried to rough her up a bit, find out what she'd fetch, but she cut two of them down without batting an eye. Then she asked for me, by name. Never met her before, but she sure know'd a lot about me. Told me she was looking for strong captains and crews to join her... didn't really say what for. But she's got a fire, that one. Have to talk it over with the men, but... I'm inclined to take this Isabella up on her offer.

Northward Bound

Found in Hecker's Haven

Since she arrived, I've been more and more impressed by Isabella. Whoever her master may be, they know a lot about this damned island. That idea to take people out and drown them near the storm line... whew! That's done more to keep the crew in line than any beatings or exile have. This island cuts out the threats of execution, so a good Captain has to be creative. She's invited all of us to come north with her toward the Shattered Mountain, and is somehow guaranteeing our safety. From all she's told me... I want to believe her. This place is dangerous, even with a staunch crew at your back. Allies are our only hope. I'll tell the men tomorrow.

Whispers of Mutiny

Found in Pride of Puckett

Captain says we should join up with this Isabella, the sassy one who cut down Hans and the Bosun. Sure, they came back right quick, but weren't happy with it. And after what happened next, not sure I am, either. She's a looker, for sure, and fights like three men... but something seems a touch off about her. Can't put my finger on it, but when she was looking over the men, she had this look... only time I'd seen it before was on a man's face after a week without food, about to get a bite of gruel. She looked at me. Felt like my head was in a vice, or I'd just had a fifth of the Captain's private stock. She looked away, and it was gone. If the Captain decides to go along with this, I might just try and slip away... see how many others want to tag along. If that doesn't work, maybe I'll have to take matters into my own hands.

A Cautionary Tale

Found in Pride of Puckett

Not sure I should be writing this, after what happened to Salvatore. The Captain caught wind of a mutiny, from Sal and some others, and Isabella gave him some new ideas on punishment. He took five of them and stuffed them in barrels, then hauled them out past the breakers... as far out as he could get. Cracked a hole in each barrel, then kicked them overboard. From what that Isabella has said, it was far enough out that when they come back, they're likely to be Drowned... which is a fate that no sailor wants. Everyone's scared, not just of her, but of the hold she has on the Captain. Now I see why Sal was so desperate to either escape or take over. I only hope I'm not next, after writing this down.

Trade and Treasure

Of Spice and Dice

Found in Buccaneer's Falls

Cormack, you dog! I heard that one of your trader pals was bringing you some supplies, and he said he'd gladly bring a letter along with the delivery. Can't believe you were able to sweet talk someone out of these spices, they're worth their weight in azoth out here! Do I even want to know what you promised in return? I'll be heading toward Windsward sometime next month — your dice had better be ready! I plan on winning back what you took the last time, and then some. If you haven't used them all, maybe I'll try and win some of those spices out of your larder. And no, your cooking still isn't something you can wager with. See you soon, friend.

One Man's Treasure

Found in Windsward Settlement

Josiah, you bilge rat! How's the survey going? Still trying to plot a course through the storms around the island? I've told you for years, you need to settle down and start a family! Then again... if you did that, you wouldn't keep finding salvage from shipwrecks... and I couldn't keep winning it from you. So maybe you stay on that boat a while longer, eh? Not sure where you are right now, but I'll be sending this up with one of my traders to Monarch's Bluffs — you always did like the currents up there better than down here. Keep a weather eye open, and we'll meet up soon enough!

Shores of Windsward

The Watcher's Plight

A loose page found in the Windsward Watchtower

I saw a few of the old crew today... They'd gone overboard a few leagues out from Aeternum, while our ship cut through the storm. I'd hoped that they'd wash up on another beach, but... seems I've lost my sailor's luck, being on land this long. Had to put them down again, them being Drowned. Don't know how much longer I'll be able to keep this up, cutting down the husks of old friends. I know it isn't them anymore, but that doesn't make it easy. We need more people trained up as Watchers here.

Request Denied

A half-eaten page, barely legible, found near the Boar Infestation

... grains and vegetables, plenty for ... ... to return to ... few have the training necessary. I ask that ... ... all miss you in the community. Soon, I hope to ...

Settler Tales

A Better Life

Found in Primrose

We headed west from the settlement, looking to establish our homestead near the river. My family had always been farmers as well as fishermen, and we hoped to maintain that tradition. Wide open fields greeted us once we emerged from the rocky woodlands, and it didn't take long to find a perfect space to set the foundation for our life here in Aeternum. Anna Maria is pleased with the spot, and has already started planning where she'll put her spinning wheel.

Bountiful Harvest

Found in Primrose

This land is amazing! We planted our first crops only a short time ago, and they're already fully grown and producing! Corn, potatoes, carrots, squash, everything is coming in. And the fish! I was able to pull them out of the river with my bare hands, there were so many. There will never be a reason to go hungry here — no worries about spoiled harvests, no surviving the hard months on potatoes and gruel. This truly is Paradise.

Hidden Treasures

A crumpled page found in Cooper's Ranch

Finished tilling up a new field for planting, and spent most of the time clearing all kinds of rocks from the place. Looked like someone had just poured them out, right below the topsoil. Couple of the farmhands were slacking off and throwing the rocks around... and damned if one didn't break open and have some kind of crystals inside! Don't know what they are, but they're pretty. Might fetch a good price the next time we go in to market.

Shards Like Glowing Embers

A weather-battered report found in Kannan Tomb

Scattered almost haphazardly throughout this digsite, the crew and I have found these strange reddish-orange crystal shards. Approximately the size of my palm, give or take, they are light but incredibly strong. It is unclear what they may have been used for, but given the tool marks on the edges, these may have been common to the Ancients. They could have even been decoration on something that has long since been lost to time, or common tools, or have any number of other uses.

Protection from Evil

A page from a farmhand's diary, found near Merrill's Place

What with all the Withered things and Corrupted things being seen nearby, I sent off to Adjudicator Dempster for something I can use to protect myself and my kin. Maybe he'll have some kind of charm to keep the evil away from here, or could come out himself and bless the farm. Should get our delivery in tomorrow or the day after, so I'll find out soon enough. Until then, there's more work to do. Just traded with the miners to the south for some of our crop, so now we have crates full of raw ore sitting around... maybe we can trade it in the settlement for some new boots and tools?

Seekers of Treasure and Fame

Purchased Loyalty

Found in Fallswatch Overlook

Bah, no treasure here either! Naught but funny rocks and creaking bones... dunno why we have to be the ones to "explore" these haunted old stones. Most anything of value was taken a long time ago, and what's left ain't worth the effort. But the boss is paying, so we goes where he goes. If he wants to sit on old stones and look at ants, or twigs, or a tiny twist of metal... as long as his coin's good, me and the boys'll stick by him. Just hope he don't want us to go make friendly with them pirates.

A New Perspective

Found in Breakwater Bulwark

I've reached the top of the bluffs, and set a small camp overlooking the breakwater. Windy, but an amazing view, and quite a charming locale — if you forget about the Pirates at the far side of the cove, or the bony undead Guardians that seem hell-bent on keeping interlopers away from any of the Ancients' ruins. I was lucky to have found this... whatever it is. A small stone orb, about half a hand wide, with a series of lines and symbols carved along the meridian. Can't be certain, but this may be the language of the Ancients! You would think, with all of these ruins scattered about, there would be more samples of writing to decipher, but... according to local scholars, very few examples have been found. Maybe we just haven't been looking hard enough. Either way. My collection will benefit from this find.

Perils of Nobility

Not The Brightest Spark

Found near Windsward Settlement

I can't believe this. We're shipwrecked on the shoreline, barely make our way through those damned walking corpses, only to reach a settlement where we're told that we must listen to some silly locals about "how to survive in Aeternum"! Bah! Don't they know who I am? No matter. We'll show them. We've already got a small camp built, within view of the settlement walls. I'll make them see that we can survive without their silly little rules. We've found plenty of stone nearby, and I'm certain it is the same kind that Father's huntsman used to start fires in the wild... but we've had no luck so far. He just smacked them together over dry grass, and the fire started. There must be some kind of trick to it. Maybe these rocks are defective.

Noble Fools

Found near Cooper's Ranch

I just heard about the Dawes boy and his friends. Ghastly. Wounds may be healed and your soul may be restored here in Aeternum... but that doesn't do a lot of good when you're torn apart by wolves. I heard they didn't even have a fire going in the evenings to keep the wildlife away — what, did they think they didn't need it here, that they were safe? I hear tell that the Magistrate even tried to bring them into the settlement and help them, but they refused, said they didn't need a handout from "commoners". Spoiled brats. Vanity is what got them killed, and I'll not feel bad for saying it.

Can you bring some carrots the next time you come out this way? Mine don't seem to be taking to the ground properly.

Odds and Ends

A Hasty Retreat

Found in Amrine Temple

How many of these thrice-damned things are there? I tried to get into the inner sanctum of the temple, but more and more of those unliving things kept appearing.

As soon as I'd dealt with one, the last one had already risen again! I had to retreat, else I'd risk being stuck here, clawing my way out over a dozen or more deaths and rebirths.

It may take an army to clear these things out... Maybe drag all of their bones into a deep, dark hole and throw them inside.

Attempts at Poetry

Found near Windsward Watchtower

The sun shines on the water of the ocean, and it is... pretty? Beautiful? Magical?

Bah. Never could wrap my head around poetry. Too many flowery words, not enough action. Why can't I just write "The sun was bright on the water." Simple, tells how it is.

But the ladies like it... She would like it... So I'll keep trying.

The sun... glistens? on the water...

For A Hearty Stew

Found in Windsward Settlement

Matthias, Your grams told me you wanted her stew recipe to take to this new world you're off to, so I've copied it here into your cookbook. Wishing you a safe journey, -Mum

To a cauldron of water, add 1 whole turkey (pluck'd), 1 whole rabbit (skin'd), 4 large chop'd squash. Set the cauldron on the flame to boil, then add 3 handfuls of briar branches, 8 chopped carrots, and a full head of cabbage. Stir occasionally. After 1 hour, move the cauldron to half heat. Add 2 handfuls of flour to thicken. For more flavor, add a dollop of sausage drippings. Add herbs to taste. Peel meat from turkey and rabbit, serve. Will keep for days if kept warm and more water added as needed.

Fickle Fortune

Found in Bullrush Wash

Barely made it across the bridge before those winged Withered attacked, and during the scuffle, the bridge was destroyed. We were able to fight them back for now, but it's too late to press on to the settlement tonight, and we'll need the light to see what kind of damage the wagons have taken.

The differences in these last two trips has been night and day. Our last trip down into Windsward, perfect weather, no problems at all, and even shaved time off by taking a shortcut between two of those strange Corrupted pillars that have started to appear. This trip, however, has been one problem after another! Broken axles, spoiled food, attacks by every blasted creature on the island... it's like we're attracting every bit of bad luck possible. Perhaps we used up whatever luck we had left?

Ah well. We're safe enough for now, and on first look, it seems we only lost a bit of the trade goods. I'm sure Dauti will understand once we explain.

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