Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Tales of Great Cleave

The Herald's Victory

Pictures On The Wall

Found in Eeriedune Graveyard

My followers have completed construction of the village, under my guidance. I have spent much of my time planning our future, and one thing concerns me: the Corruption to the north, past the Ancient gate. And while some called me a fool to do so, I set forth to see this evil for myself. I ventured north of the gate, able to avoid the attentions of the demons long enough to learn what I needed to. But, fate decided to set me on a new path. Climbing through the mountain passes, I slipped and found myself in a ruin of the Ancients. Inside, artifacts and riches filled the cave to the brim, but what drew me in were the murals on the wall. I did not recognize something specific in them at first, but having studied the spiritual paths of many, I should be able to recognize a ritual! From my loose understanding of the murals, I believe the Ancients had a way of sanctifying areas on the island, explaining why the settlements to the south are protected from attack. These murals showed me how to do the same! This may be the best way to protect my flock, to give them the peace that so many of them deserve. I claimed the artifacts in the cave, bringing back as many as I was able to carry, and have matched many to the murals. I must determine how this ritual was done so that I may perform it here for the village, and will not rest until I do!

Scorched Earth

Found in Misty Borough

I have done it. I now understand how the Ancients performed their wonderful, terrible, ritual. I have already taken the first steps, distributing the tokens to each of the townsfolk.

No, I mustn't! It is wrong, it is foolish, it is evil! Their wills exterminated! I don't... I need, I must...

As the Herald of this flock, it falls to me to make the hard decisions for everyone. I held a meeting at the church and explained that the ritual would protect this hilltop... and all in attendance agreed that we must do whatever we can to protect ourselves...

Something in those ruins, unclear how... I am fighting for control, but I feel it winning. I have given my most trusted follower specific instructions on what to do. Being near the stone lends me strength, but I know it must be consumed in the ritual. This... will be the last time I have control, and I cannot stop the ritual. But... my flock, they will not be taken by Corruption. Their souls, their minds, will be freed. It is the only way.

Plans of the Corrupted

Mysterious Orders

Found in Sunderfort

The page is covered in strange symbols and markings, looking like no language you have ever encountered. You do, however, recognize the circle-and-split-fork design used as the banner by the Corrupted across Aeternum. Could this be their language?

The Twisted Smelter

Found in Acedia Bastion

This page is covered with the symbols and markings you've come to know as the Corrupted language. Still unreadable, but this page has a crude drawing of a smelter, and some liquid being poured into crucibles.


Found in Breakaway Fort

A page with the cramped and indecipherable symbols of the Corrupted language. Taking up much of the page is a sketch of skulls and bones being pounded to dust.

Ritual Mine

Found in Hollowing Fort

Another page with more of the Corrupted writing. This page has a drawing of miners digging ore from the depths, and what appears to be one of the Corrupted Cultists leading a ritual.


Found in Nullcavity

Yet another page written by the Corrupted. Along the side of the page are images of trees being cut and dragged away for some unknown purpose.

Liam's Letters

Span of Two Hearts

Found in Tempest Lane

Everyone tells me, "Don't use the bridge, the bridge is dangerous, there are Guardians and Corruption on the bridge!" They prefer the slow and sneaking path through the center of the valley, and the long walk from the south. There's nothing to it, though. The Guardians are slow, and the Corruption isn't that bad. As long as I have my tinctures, I'm fine. Besides, it's worth a bit of "risk" if I get a bit more time with you, Dim. Sorry, Warden. I know you hate when I call you that. You likely won't read this until I've left to return to Eastburn Cleave, but... I hope you know I'd do anything for you. We may all take risks, staying here to fight, but if something will help us spend more time together or even end this war so we can go home... I'll chase it with everything I have. It's getting dark sooner, so I'll have to get moving. If I don't make it to the outpost before dark, I'll stop off in Braided Borough. There are a few Corrupted there, but I should be able to make it to the supplies and pick up what I need for the rest of the hike. Yours always, Liam

A Bridge Too Far

Found in Braided Borough

Dim, Something went wrong. Same path as usual, Guardians were easy to avoid. But the far end of the bridge was covered in that Corrupted mess. I took my tincture like always, then ran in. This time... it hit me like a punch. The usual tincture wasn't working. Maybe I made it wrong, or something was wrong with the berries I was using? Either way, I was too slow. A few of the Corrupted noticed me, and I was able to fight them off, but one of those spikes struck me in the leg. I made it into the trees before I fell, and... that spike did something. The wound is black, and it feels like ice is crawling up my leg. That tincture... was supposed to keep this from happening. Made it to the Borough. Going to try and make a fire, someone should see it from the outpost. Sorry, Dimka. Wanted to get to you faster. Need to rest.

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